More New Winchester Ammunition Products at the SHOT Show

Winchester Ranger Ammunition ReviewIn addition to the all-new rimfire caliber that will be introduced, Winchester Ammunition plans on rolling out a variety of new products in their existing lines.  While that may not come as a surprise, there will definitely be some new things that will pique the interest of shooters:  both hunters and tactical types.

What I am currently hearing is there will be additions to seven product lines, not including Winchester’s rimfire line where the new caliber will dominate the news.  New shotgun loads in both the BlindSide and AA series will be seen.  Also, hunters can expect new things in the VarmintX, RazorBack XT, Power Core and Power Max lines.

I am not hearing anything about handgun ammunition, but I have heard some new loads will be shown in the PDX1 Defender line.  Currently, there are three rifle loads in the PDX1 line:  a 60 grain .223, a 77 grain .223 and a 120 grain .308.  Winchester Ammunition often likes to go heavy in their self-defense lines, so I would not be surprised to see a 168 grain .308 load.  Due to the sheer popularity of the 55 grain loads, we might see Winchester roll out a lighter .223 as well.

What I would really like to see is a .300 BLACKOUT load in the PDX1 Defender line.  That might be a stretch for some pople’s way of thinking, but the .300 BLK continues to gain support and Winchester does not currently make any loads for that caliber.  A nice way to move into it, would be with a high performance self-defense load.

Like everything, we will have to wait until the 2013 SHOT Show and see what happens.

Ed. Note:  Winchester did not roll out a .308 or .300 BLK cartridge in the PDX1 Defender line.  They did, however, roll out a 7.62×39 load in the self defense line of ammunition.  I found this to be a nice surprise, but would like to see Winchester Ammunition give us an additional couple of .30 caliber loads.

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  1. Dear god I hope every company comes out with 300 blackout products. I want ammo to be available everywhere for it

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