Fox News: No Second Amendment Friend

“Too many loopholes that enable people to still get guns [exist]“

It kills me when conservative and libertarian minded people state that Fox News is “on their side.”  While there may be some people employed by Fox News that hold libertarian views, the company has never shown themselves to be anything more than a New York City progressive corporation.  People like Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano no longer have shows on that network for a reason.

Currently, the citizens of the United States are in a struggle to maintain their natural rights to firearms and self defense as codified in the Constitution.  The President, members of Congress and other elected officials are publicly stating they are pushing hard for a repeal of our rights.  And guess what, Fox News seems ok with that.

In a recent episode of “On the Hunt,” Fox News correspondant Jonathan Hunt talked with Bradley Blakeman, a Republican strategist, and Basil Smikle, a Democratic consultant, about gun control.

“[The people] have a right to own a gun, provided that they meet the criteria in order to purchase that gun and to maintain that gun,” said Blakeman.  The former head of Freedom’s Watch and advisor to President George W. Bush clearly doesn’t understand how rights work.  Rights do not come with strings attached; you do not have to qualify yourself to exercise them.

The comments from Smikle were, of course, even less intelligent.  He advocated for the confiscation of all “assault weapons,” and used the murder rate in Chicago as an example of why we need more gun control.  I guess he is hoping that people don’t know that the city of Chicago already has curtailed the rights of law abiding citizens to own firearms to the point of practical non-existence.

But Smikle went farther.  He advocated for background checks, not just in all cases of transfer from one party to another, but for all of the household members of a gun owner and for all of the neighbors of a gun owner.  “Too many loopholes that enable people to still get guns [exist],” said Smikle.

Of course, Fox News host Hunt did not counter any of these statements with facts.

When the most pro-freedom position Fox News can find is one that would require you to qualify your rights, can you make the argument that Fox News is “on the side” of the American people?

Keep this in mind:

  • Fox News is a New York City based, traditional mass-media corporation.
  • Jonathan Hunt, the host, is from England, is based in New York City, and lists among his major media accomplishments stories on “fake tequila south of the border” and “how do pandas have sex?”
  • Bradley Blakeman is the former Deputy Assistant to the President for Appointments and Scheduling, Vetting and Research, Correspondence and Surrogate Scheduling for President George W. Bush. (WTF kind of bureaucracy do we have to require such a position?)  In his bio, he lists a license to practice law in New York and the District of Columbia.
  • Basil Smikle Jr is a political consultant and former aide to then-senator Hillary Clinton.  He lists various clients such as Michael Bloomberg and the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation.  He is based in…wait for it…New York.

Fox News is not your friend.  They are no better than CNN, MSNBC or the rest.  They merely use slight of hand to convince people they care about your freedoms.  Why do you think Glenn Beck left Fox to start his own network?

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  1. The media no longer cares about the truth they just trying to piss you off so you’ll watch. If it blends it leads has turned into anything that can get an emotional response. It’s easier to piss people off then anything else. I just don’t watch them anymore. If its something important I’ll read it from a legit source like this site.

  2. mounta1neer says:

    If you ever believed that ANY media outlet was on your side, then you do not understand the way free enterprise works. Media is on the side of what sells and right now, anyone talking about gun control sells and rightly so. When someone shoots up a school full of children, people are going to need to work through it.

    Also, anyone that calls it a look-hole, does not understand the constitution. It’s not a loop hole. We left it wide open on purpose. If you have to prove your ability to own a gun, then the Government gets to decide who can and can not own. That is not a “right”.

    Unfortunately, Sandy Hook, the Aurora Theater, Fort Hood are the price we pay for that right. We have to decide if the right is worth the price. If you look at the UK, they do not have the right and they still have high crime and I have to wonder how long before the UK police departments realize they have all the power. What will happen then? Will there be corruption? if Chicago is any example, it will be bad.

    In the end, taking guns away hasn’t been proven to work. I will choose to be armed and take my chances.

  3. Fox has had a long history of donating to the Brady Campaign. This is expected.

  4. Killchain says:

    Fox News lost me a couple years ago. I always pass on this advise, get at least three sources of news.

  5. Of the 6 major propaganda machines (FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC) I can only stand to watch FOX. FOX is the only major that will even report the conservative side of issues without hatred and bias. The others are so blatantly left-wing propaganda machines that they’re not even worth turning to for anything.

    Having said that, I have to tune out as much as 50% of what is said on FOX because of ignorance and the awful influence of Murdock himself. Murdock bounces all over the map in his political positions, and appears only to be interested in what is popular now. That probably sells more, and is why he is a billionaire, but it is far from being a “friend” to conservatives or people interested in keeping their rights – especially the one that ensures them all.

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