Glock 30S – Really?

(Ed. note:  t looks like this gun is real. Click here for more information.)

Steve at is running a photo of a pistol that appears to be a Glock 30S.  Assuming the photo isn’t just a Photoshop-spoof, it looks like this might be part of the big announcement that Glock has been teasing to for several days.

If the 30S is the only new gun that Glock rolls out this year, it is time to consider an intervention for whoever is making these decisions.  While there is a small group of people that will like the 30S (essentially a model 36 slide on a model 30 frame,) that market has to be very small.

On the other hand, many people have been begging Glock for a thin, single-stack pistol.  Is Glock becoming the new HK?

For more information on the whole 36 slide on a 30 frame thingy, check out the article.  They do a pretty good job of explaining it.

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  1. It’s really mind-blowing how Glock seems completely content to do nothing but release slight variations on their original product. These guys could be taking the world by storm with pistol-caliber carbines.


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