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Molon Labe SCAR Magazine

While on the flight out from Tampa, I spotted a gentleman who I suspected was a kindred spirit.  We struck up a conversation at baggage claim and I discovered he is Christopher Gleason, the president and CEO of Molon Labe Industries.

Molon Labe Industries manufacturers high quality magazines for the FN SCAR 17 rifle.  The magazines are available in 20 and 25 rounds models.  The SCAR 17 is chambered in 7.62 NATO, so that is what the magazines are designed for.

Gleason offered insight into his company’s products and it sounds like they’ve got many more things on the horizon.  If you own a SCAR, definitely head over there and check these out.

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  1. How about some aftermaket glock mags
    i would like a 9mm glock mag holding around 24 rounds, similar size to the 22 round .40sw mag

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