Major Anti-Gun Moves Made & More Coming

I hate to disrupt coverage of the 2013 SHOT Show, but our freedoms are in peril.  It is expected that later today, anti-gun Vice President Joe Biden will announce the gun control measures the administration will take and additional ones they will push for in Congress.

This comes on the heels of President Obama stating in a press conference yesterday that he plans on issuing executive orders to curtail gun rights.  In fact, there are 19 different suggestions for new gun control executive orders from Biden’s task force.

Also happening right now:  New York state is passing the most draconian gun laws ever seen in the USA.  That governor is pushing legislation through with remarkable ease.  Among the new restrictions:  new definitions of “assault weapons,”  background checks on ammunition purchases, makes owning a magazine with a capacity of more than seven rounds a criminal offense, outlaws “pre-94″ magazines, alerts the government to “high volume” ammunition purchasers and much more.

Don’t think the President can’t (or won’t) do it at the national level as well.

It is too late to run out and buy a gun.  Most of them have long since been sold.  It is too late to go out and buy more ammo.  The shelves are bare.  It is time to take a stand – we are all that is left between our families and an out of control government.

Act  today:

  • contact your state and local representatives and tell them to oppose any new gun control
  • contact your federal representatives and tell them to oppose any new gun control
  • join the NRA – they are the only lobbying organization large enough to have influence in DC

I’m hearing some VERY BAD things about a few companies at SHOT Show.  There is very real speculation about a company/several companies that is/are reaching out to the government for a cash payment in exchange for voluntarily closing their manufacturing facilities.  It sounds incredible, but if you knew how well sourced this information is, your blood would run cold.

If new legislation passes, our world changes for the worse.  Contact your officials and join the NRA.


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