Magazine Prices Have Gone Crazy

For those of you who don’t recall the magazine prices after the ’94 “assault weapons” law went into effect, prices went crazy.  Glock magazines, something I bought for about $20 apiece last summer, were selling for more than $100.  Guess what…those kinds of prices are back.

Magazine Price

Checking a once-popular web site for ammo and magazine prices, I see they have definitely jacked up the pricing on magazines.

KCI Glock magazines that barely sold for $10 mere weeks ago are now selling for nearly $50.  AK mags are more than $70.  And a freakin’ Colt GI magazine is almost $130!

Magazine cost

I understand the principles of a market economy, and I fully support capitalism.  However, these kinds of drastic moves will have consequences for the company.  This is a company I used to do business with.  I wish them the best of luck, but I will no longer be able to support them with my dollars.

Glock Magazine Prices


price of magazine

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