Magazine Prices Have Gone Crazy

For those of you who don’t recall the magazine prices after the ’94 “assault weapons” law went into effect, prices went crazy.  Glock magazines, something I bought for about $20 apiece last summer, were selling for more than $100.  Guess what…those kinds of prices are back.

Magazine Price

Checking a once-popular web site for ammo and magazine prices, I see they have definitely jacked up the pricing on magazines.

KCI Glock magazines that barely sold for $10 mere weeks ago are now selling for nearly $50.  AK mags are more than $70.  And a freakin’ Colt GI magazine is almost $130!

Magazine cost

I understand the principles of a market economy, and I fully support capitalism.  However, these kinds of drastic moves will have consequences for the company.  This is a company I used to do business with.  I wish them the best of luck, but I will no longer be able to support them with my dollars.

Glock Magazine Prices


price of magazine

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  1. No, Cheaper Than Dirt has gone crazy.

    • They’re making good money in an environment they neither generated nor encouraged. With dIp-shit Americans returning President Douchebag to the White House, CTD might be out of business by next year. I don’t blame them for making some cash while they can.

  2. I was out on them a while ago. Seeing how they responded to this situation is ridiculous. I unsubscribed from their RSS feed as well. Sad really.

  3. It’s all supply & demand and I expect will return to (nearly) normal price levels by summer time after Congress figures out they don’t have the stomach for unemployment (their own, not mine) and all the efforts to restrict fall into committee level dumpsters. Everything around me locally, Ogden, UT, is cleared out. The gun stores seem to be having universal fire sales based upon their inventories. This week I tried to buy a brick or 2 of 22LR- there isn’t ANY. Tried 3 local stores- it’s all gone, no idea when more will arrive. Same w/ .223 and most handgun calibers. There’s a little 7.62X39 but fortunately I have enough of that to last.

    Anyway, IMHO, by summertime, many of those that went out and purchased an AR variant expecting them to be banned will be putting them up for sale when the spousal unit says it’s time for a vacation or the car’s transmission goes tango uniform.

  4. Part of the problem is the dealers themselves. I understand the whole supply and demand issue, and that is the way the market works. If idiots are willing to pay that much because they waited too long, there is a saying that goes along with that, “a fool is easily departed from his money”.

    But as to the dealers’ conduct. In the last big rush (2008), dealers were going out to Wal-Mart, gun stores, Dick’s, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, etc. and buying up everything at cheaper prices. Anytime a shipment came in they were checking the stores and buying it all up again. Finally most stores responded and limited ammo purchases to a few boxes per customer, but by then it was too little too late.

    Then the dealers, who had stockpiled ammunition (creating a false shortage), ran up prices to make a fortune. There may only be a few “gun stores” in your area, but there are probably 5-10 times as many FFL dealers, running internet businesses.

    It’s bad enough when the ignorant panic (like the long lines at the gas station after 9-11), but its intolerable when people in the gun community help set the stage for this crap.

  5. Another Ross says:

    Crap! $130 for a GI mag?? CTD can go f off and die. Did you see any of their people at the SHOT Show??? I heard they didn’t have a booth, but I bet they were still wandering around. I’d probably would have nutted up on them.

  6. Spanky McYanky says:

    What? You don’t find $700 for a consistently jamming beta mag to be reasonable? What kind of site is this anyawy? lol

  7. I hope the shooting sports public will remember this type of predatory business practice when the “crisis” is over.

    A scan of Gunbroker reveals the same type of opportunism. However, I was pleased to see the vast majority of overpricing was individual sellers and not companies.

    CTD, get ready for a backlash.

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