SIG P238 Tribal

SIG P238 Tribal picture

The SIG P238 Tribal is just one of the new variations of existing guns that SIG Sauer showed at the SHOT Show this year.  Generally, the company will roll out several variations of their popular guns at the show, with some of them becoming permanent additions to the line, while others become limited runs.  The P238 line has seen quite a few variations during the past few years.

The P238 Tribal is little different from the standard pistol in function and size.  The gun is still a single-action, subcompact handgun chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge.  It has a 2.7″ barrel length and weighs only 15.2 ounces (unloaded and without a magazine.)

This version of the SIG P238 is different in appearance more than anything else.  It has a black frame with a natural stainless steel slide.  The trigger and hammer are black, while the slide stop and manual safety are both stainless finished.

SIG P238 Tribal slide

According to the SIG Sauer website, the grips are aluminum with an engraved tribal pattern in them.  However, the sample I saw at the SHOT Show appeared to have wood grips.  Also, the note card identifying the gun in the SIG booth definitely indicated wood grips.  So, I don’t know if the website merely has a typographical error, or if there is a plan for two different grip types for these guns.

Both sides of the slide have a similar tribal patten, as does the top of the slide.  The tribal emblems on the P238’s slide are finished in black, giving them a sharp contrast to the stainless slide.

SIG P238 Tribal

SIG P238 Tribal Specifications

  • caliber:  .380 ACP
  • magazine capacity:  seven rounds
  • action:  single action only (SAO)
  • trigger pull:  7.5 – 8.5 pounds
  • overall length:  5.5 inches
  • barrel length:  2.7 inches
  • width at widest point:  1.1 inches
  • weight:  15.2 ounces (without magazine)
  • sights:  night sights
  • retail price:  $752

The SIG P238 Tribal looked good and, like all of the other pistols in this line, felt good in the hand.  If the tribal pattern on a pistol is appealing to you, take a look at this SIG Sauer handgun.

SIG P238 Tribal photo

An interesting side note is that a second Tribal version of the P238 was shown in the SIG Sauer press kit:  a “rainbow” version.  This specific version was not identified in the company’s literature, but it has a very similar appearance to the other mutli-chromatic handguns in the SIG line-up.  I do not have any information, such as a MSRP, on this pistol.  However, it does appear to have standard rosewood grips on it instead of the carved tribal grips.

SIG P238 Tribal Rainbow

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  • Ross

    That’s an awful nice gun to be only a .380. If you shoot someone with a .380 and he finds out about it he’s going to be mighty pissed.

    • Bill

      Wow you must be a ballistics specialist. Or someone who knows nothing about guns.

      • rebart

        No, but my wife is an ER nurse and the nightly “gun and knife” clubs use a lot of .380 that usually don’t do much damage unless hit in a very vulnerable place. You must be a dumb shit or something not to know that.

      • rebart

        Why are you so dumb you can’t see that I was joking?

        • Mitch

          Please shoot yourself with a .380 and then come back and report what your wife or mommy says.

          • rebart

            You have to be the dumbest shit I’ve come across on the net. First, you can’t tell it was a joke. Secondly, you can’t even take medical experience from doctors and nurses who see this kind of stuff every day. Your comments are childish and demeaning and embarrassing to yourself.

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