SIG P227 Tactical: Fistful of .45

SIG P227 Tactical

The new SIG P227 Tactical takes the standard double-stack .45 ACP handgun and kicks it up a notch to satisfy the special forces operator in all of us.  With a threaded barrel and extended magazine, all you need to do is add a manly beard and your favorite shemagh, and you will be ready to HALO jump into indian territory.

This pistol has a definite serious purpose, but I can’t help but thinking it will see more action on the next installment of Call of Duty than it will in real life.

The P227 is a .45 ACP version of the very popular SIG P226 line of handguns.  The P226, chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG, has been popular ever since it was selected by the Navy SEALs as their pistol of choice about 25 years ago.  The P226 has served many police departments and military units with distinction, but the one thing it could never do is fire the old big-bore .45 cartridge.

Sure, the quality P220 has always been a viable option to the P226, but a lot of people have wanted a double-stack .45 from SIG in the P226 platform.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what the P227 is.  The SIG P227 will fit in the vast majority of holsters designed for the P226, and feels virtually identical in the hand to the older gun.

SIG P227 Tactical SHOT Show

The P227 Tactical adds a threaded barrel for adding one of the company’s new sound suppressors to.  Additionally, the extended magazines add a few more rounds to the standard 10-round mags that normally ship with the P227.  Considering how close the P226 came to winning the original US military contract back in the 1980’s and the desire by many in the US armed forces to return to the .45 ACP, it is not a big surprise that SIG would want to offer the new P227 with some tactical features that might be appealing to the special operations community.

This particular version of the P227 will carry a MSRP of $1,228.  It will ship with three magazines, the short reach trigger and night sights.

If you are interested in hearing how this gun shoots, check out my range report on the SIG Sauer P227 from Media Day out at the SHOT Show.

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  1. Sweet looking gun. I’m no operator, but I’d love to have one for any dirtbag that tries to come into my house tonight. The can is just a safety device-hearing protection you know.

  2. When in doubt – frag out! This thing is on the top of my list for next Christmas.

  3. Gary Micko says:

    Are they actually going to make this gun? A while back Sig teased everyone with the P221 Which was a High cap .45. They said they only made 2. Are they just teasing us again or what?

  4. straightshooter tac says:

    Oh my! Now that I purchased my 220 x-6 (absolutely NO regrets), I’m now looking at this new Sig 227 Tactical or Elite though eyes lustful eyes. i do hope the mag is at least as much as my mark23 (12) and with any luck it’ll rival the FN tactical 45 @ 15rds…. Either way, we can rest assured that that glorious trigger will be retained as well as Sigs’ awesome accuracy.

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