Aimpoint FCS12 in Swedish Army

Aimpoint FCS12

Aimpoint announced the company’s FCS12 fire control system passed through field trials and has been placed in active duty with the Swedish Army.  The system will be used on the 84mm M3 recoiless rifle.

The M3 is a multi-purpose, man-portable weapon capable of anti-armor, anti-personnel, anti-bunker and other roles.  The Aimpoint optic incorporates a laser range finder with a targeting computer that automatically corrects the point of aim based on the munition used.

According to Aimpoint, their fire control system both increases the effective range of the weapon and increases the first shot hit probability.

The FCS12 is also useable on other weapon systems like the Mk19 used in the US military.

Aimpoint FCS-12

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

leupold mk ar rifle scopeWithout a doubt, Leupold is the premier name in rifle scopes.  If you want the best glass for your AR-style rifle, this is the scope you must have.  This tactical scope is extremely durable and the optics are amazing.  The bonus is the incredible pricing and that it is made in the USA.
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