Finishing Up SHOT Show Coverage

SHOT Show booth

We are going to try to finish up SHOT Show coverage this week.  I know I still have a stack of information to share, but I will try to power through it and get it all up.  Next week we’ll begin focusing on reviews and new announcements.

Among the information we will get up this week are more new guns from Mossberg and Remington, new ammunition from Winchester and Remington, new night vision gear and optics and so much more.

SHOT show crowd

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

leupold mk ar rifle scopeWithout a doubt, Leupold is the premier name in rifle scopes.  If you want the best glass for your AR-style rifle, this is the scope you must have.  This tactical scope is extremely durable and the optics are amazing.  The bonus is the incredible pricing and that it is made in the USA.
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