Taurus M380 Revolver Spring Swap Video

Taurus M380 video

If you are looking to lighten the trigger pull on your Taurus M380 (or Taurus M85 series for that matter) immediately click over to Pocket Guns & Gear and watch Bruce’s video showing you how to swap out the trigger return and hammer springs.

Bruce uses a Wolff spring kit to replace the factory Taurus springs.  With the factory springs, the M380 had a trigger pull weight of more than 12 pounds (the maximum his gauge could measure.)  Once he got the new springs installed, the weight was reduced to about 9 pounds 10 ounces.  He described the the lighter feel as “a huge difference.”  I don’t doubt it.

I have previously reviewed a Taurus 905 9mm revolver that I thought had an incredibly heavy trigger pull also.  My trigger pull gauge, the same Lyman that it appears Bruce used for his M380 review, was not able to handle the heavy pull of the 905.  The gauge goes to 12 pounds, but the Taurus goes well past that.  Though the 905 was an acceptable revolver, I would have liked it much more with a lighter trigger pull.

Something of a side note, Bruce ran into a few quality control issues with the M380.  None of them kept the gun from working, but all of them suggested that Taurus isn’t focusing their efforts on quality control on the assembly line.  Unfortunately, I have had my own problems with a few QC issues and Taurus in the past, so I don’t know if things are improving with the company like I hoped they would when Mark Kresser was named President and CEO.

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