Winchester 5.56 Ammo Recall

Winchester Recall 556 Ammo

Click above for a larger photo of the recalled Winchester 5.56 NATO ammo.

Winchester Ammunition announced a warning and issued a recall of certain kinds of 5.56 NATO ammo last week.  The ammunition in question possibly contains the wrong propellant, which might cause damage to the firearm and injury to the shooter.

The recalled ammo is the Winchester M855 62 grain penetrator with a symbol number of ZGQ3308 and a lot number of WCC10M106-004.  These numbers can be found on the 900-round case box and individual 30-round boxes.

Winchester Ammunition asks that you contact them immediately if you have any of the above ammo and they will arrange replacement for you.  Their phone number is (866) 423-5224.

None of the other 5.56 or .223 ammo is affected by this recall according to Winchester.

For additional information, contact Winchester Ammunition directly at the above phone number or by going to their website.

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