Ban Guns? No: Ban New York

We can talk about how gun bans and registration schemes have nothing to do with crime control, but I think most people reading this site are already in one camp or another.  Gun control isn’t about guns or crime, it is all about control.

Ever since the Empire State (how fitting…) passed additional citizen control legislation earlier this year, gun companies are stepping up and refusing to do business with state agencies and local governments in New York.  I fully support these companies, and hope that other manufacturers and retailers step up and make a stand also.

The NC Gun Blog has been keeping up with all of the companies who are refusing to do business with New York.  As of this writing, they had identified 76 separate companies who were standing with the citizens, and not the government.  I’d suggest stopping by and seeing if any of your favorite companies are listed on the “naughty” or “nice” lists.

There is also information on how to contact three of the largest law enforcement firearms supplies:  Glock, Smith & Wesson and SIG Sauer.  If you believe these companies should restrict sales to the state and local governments in New York, perhaps these companies should hear from you.

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  1. Bravo to the companies bold enough to stand up for our rights. Hopefully we’ll get some of the Bigger manufacturers to follow suit, but I highly doubt it.

    We’ve seen the LE market starting to shift in the last few years with the S&W M&P line of pistols and rifles pushing that shift. Glock is going to do its best to keep its strong market share in handguns, and Sig is trying to increase its mark with an ever more comprehensive line of products. We need a “rogue” big boy to take the lead. Only then, I suppose, could we possibly see more big boys follow suit.

    So how about it Ruger, Remington, or Mossberg?

  2. Here’s another reason to BAN New York!

    Off-duty NYPD cop defends father at their deli when father is attacked with a baseball bat, getting hit twice, breaking a knee cap and wrist. Cop shoots and kills attacker. OK!? Nope, convicted of murder after prosecutor’s withhold original witness statements that absolutely corroborate cop’s story. Oh, and cop was charged with 2 different types of murder – which is now outlawed by NY Supreme Court.

    Warning! If you love justice this one will raise your blood pressure.


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