Bersa BP9CC Review Update

Bersa BP9CC review

Late in 2012, I received a Bersa BP9CC pistol for review.  After the initial range time, I’ve had the gun out onto the range for more shooting.  I figured I would give everyone an update of how the gun is working out.

As a quick recap, I took delivery of a black BP9CC from Eagle Imports, the US importer of Bersa firearms.  The gun is a polymer framed pistol with a light, DAO trigger.  It is a single-stack 9mm pistol, which means it is thinner than many handguns of this general size.  The grip is long enough that my entire hand fits on the gun.

The first time I carried it to the range, I put more than 400 rounds through the gun.  I found recoil was light and the gun was fun to shoot.  It was also very accurate.

On that first outing, I had only two malfunctions, both of which were likely caused by firing very dirty ammunition.  But, I wanted to get more time at the range with the Bersa before I trusted my life to it.

Since the first trip to the range, I’ve taken the BP9CC back to the firing line twice.  I’ve shot another 450 rounds through it between the two sessions:  a mix of Federal American Eagle 115 gr FMJ, Remington UMC 115 gr JHP, and several premium +P and +P+ loads.  I’ve purposefully taken slow shots, and at other times emptied the magazine as quickly as I could pull the trigger.  Neither had any adverse affect on reliability.  While I cannot be 100% certain, I think my early thoughts about the malfunctions were correct:  the dirty ammo contributed to the two malfunctions.

A few other things that I wanted to update about the pistol…

Bersa BP9CC lock

Rear Sight – I like two things about the rear sight.  First, the front of the rear sight is a relatively flat surface, allowing me to use it to work the slide on the edge of a boot, belt or table in an emergency.

Second, it uses small white dots, which contrast nicely with the large, bright white dot on the front sight.  My eye is naturally drawn to the front sight when shooting.  In a stressful encounter, having sights like these could be an advantage.

One thing that I don’t like about the rear sight is that it is plastic.  In 99.9% of situations, this is perfectly fine.  But, I would much prefer to have a metal sight on the rear.  As I mentioned above, the rear sight can be used for operating the slide in an emergency situation.  A metal sight is much more likely to survive the repeated abuse of training these methods.

Fortunately, I have a good replacement on hand for the Bersa BP9CC rear sight:  the Claw EMS Rear Sight.  The EMS, or Emergency Manipulation Sight, is a rear sight designed by Rob Pincus that specifically works with the shooter when performing a one handed reload or malfunction drill.  Instead of a flat front, which usually works fine, the Claw EMS has a small hook on the front of the sight forward.  The hook is not overly aggressive, but it is just enough to allow for more positive one-handed manipulation of the slide.

The Bersa’s sights are dovetailed, with the rear sight set up for Glock-style sights.  The front sight is set up for SIG Sauer-type sights.  So, replacement of the stock rear sight will be relatively easy.  I’ll run a complete review on this sight in a future article.

Bersa BP9CC front sight

Trigger – The trigger has improved with use.  My initial impression of the trigger was that it was very good for a striker-fired pistol.  Now, I think it is even better.  The take up is a little longer than I first reported, but it is smooth and light.  The reset is very short and follow up shots are pretty sweet.

If I sloooooowly press the trigger, I can feel some grittiness in there.  But, if I steadily press the trigger to the rear in a single, smooth motion, the trigger feels very nice.

I still like this pistol a lot.  As I mentioned in the prior article, my wife is claiming this one for her own.  So, I am ordering a new one with the OD frame for my own.  I don’t know that this will replace my Glock 19 as my favorite CCW gun, but it is certainly going to be in the rotation.  The Bersa BP9CC is a solid pistol at a great price.

If you haven’t already done so, please go read my Bersa BP9CC review from January.

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    Great looking gun. It looks sort of like HK P2000 meets Glock G17.

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