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SIG 1911 Spartan photo

I mentioned the SIG 1911 Spartan back in early January, and had a chance to take a few photos of it at the SHOT Show in the same month.  The gun looked great, but it was kept under glass.  So I did not get to handle it.  As you might suspect, there were not any of the Spartan’s on the range for Media Day either.

As you might remember, the Spartan is a special edition version of the 1911 pistol made by SIG Sauer.  SIG has been making 1911 guns for a number of years now.   While purists dislike the SIG Sauer name on the slide and a few other derivations in design from John Moses Browning’s original design, I happen to like them.

I’ve found the SIG pistols are well made and run very reliably.  I don’t know that they, or any 1911, would be my first choice for self defense, but they are great shooting pistols.  Add in the bronze finish of this Spartan and you have the makings of an awesome BBQ gun.

SIG 1911 Spartan

The SIG Spartan is a single action pistol chambered for the venerable .45 ACP cartridge.  It is a “full size” 1911 with a 5″ barrel and eight round magazine.  It features the typical grip safety and manual thumb safety.  The Spartan uses low-profile night sights with tritium inserts.

The grips are made by Hogue.  The frame and slide are finished in an oil rubbed bronze finish.  The semi-custom engraving on the slide is enlayed with 24k gold.

The Molon Labe engraving is ancient Greek for “Come and Take Them,” which has become the slogan of the modern Second Amendment patriots.  Contrary to what some people think, Molon Labe is not translated as “Come at me bro!”  Additional information can be found on the SIG Sauer webpage.

Come At Me Bro

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  1. “Come at me bro!” hahahahahahahaha Well played.

  2. I own a Spartan Commander. I loved the look from the start300Once I got in my hand I knew
    I had to have it. I have put 200 rounds through it and it does exactly what it should do. Recoil is low due to the weight and your aim is so good due to the sites. The night sites are great. I have owned several Sig 1911’s and I enjoyed them all. I have also owned Colts, Para, Kimber and a Wilson. I bought this Spartan as my last 1911 purchase. I am very happy with it and knowing there are only 300 of the out there makes it even better.


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