Warrior Summit: Combat Training from 1″ to 1000 Yards

warrior summit

When someone tries to kill you, do you know how, when or where it will happen?  Not likely.

Criminal attacks happen everywhere – inside the home, at the workplace, in parking lots, on the highway and in grocery stores.  They happen at close distances or from far away.  Sometimes there is motive; other times it is a completely random act of violence.

With a stated purpose of making “self-defense instruction that can save lives available to everyone,” the Warrior-Summit is a four-day training conference that will teach participants the basics of defending themselves at extreme close ranges through long distances.

The classes cover empty-hand (unarmed), edged weapon, handgun, carbine and long range rifle combat.  I cannot speak to the skill of all of the scheduled instructors, but several of them are known to me, either personally or by reputation.  I took a Combat Focus Shooting course with Paul Carlson, for example.  In addition to his podcasting, Daniel Shaw has worked with several people I know, and they have a very high opinion of him.  Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions has an excellent reputation as a long range sniper and instructor.

The seminar will be held at the Southington Law Enforcement Training Center in Garrettsville, OH, which is just east of Cleveland along I-80.  The classes start on August 30 and run through September 2 of this year.  Prices start at $200 for a single class, and there are discounts for taking multiple courses.  You can check out the Warrior-Summit website for more information.

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  1. Sounds like a good thing for some of these internet commandos to attend. They might just learn something.

  2. I took a CFS class (not with this guy, but someone else) and thought it was a good shooting course. They offer one and two day classes. I’m guessing this is a one day session? It is definitely worth a lot more than $200.

  3. Taylor in Tampa says:

    Any issues with a relatively new shooter attending?

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