Remington Compact Handgun Defense Ammo

Remington logoEd. note: It appears the name of the new ammo may be Ultimate Defense – Compact Handgun.

Remington appears to be ready to launch a new line of ammunition for the concealed carry handgun market according to information obtained by  The new Remington Compact Handgun Defense ammo is designed to deliver optimal performance out of small, defensive handguns.  Although the information is deemed to be reliable, there has not been any official announcement from Remington about the ammo.

The new ammunition will use a brass jacketed hollow point similar to those already found in the very successful Golden Saber line of ammo.  Hollowpoint bullets for the Compact Handgun Defense line are likely designed to open more slowly than those loaded in the other lines to give the bullets greater ability to penetrate more deeply.  However, the bullets are still expected to deliver good expansion.

Cases will be nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

Initial Remington Compact Handgun Defense ammo will be offered in .38 Special, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.  Velocity and energy specifications are not yet available.

Remington Compact Handgun Defense Ammo

CaliberRemington Part #Bullet WeightVelocity
.380 ACP28964102 grunknown
.38 Special +P28965125 grunknown
9mm28963124 grunknown
.40 S&W28966180 grunknown
.45 ACP28967230 grunknown

I’ve been told to expect these new loads toward the end of 2013.  I would not be surprised to see these rounds help until the 2014 SHOT Show, but time will tell.

Other companies have had success with developing loads specifically for small, concealed carry handguns.  Most notably, Speer manufactures short barrel version loads in the Gold Dot line and Hornady developed the Critical Defense line of ammo.  Both Speer and Hornady have gotten very positive reviews on the loads, and I know the short barrel Gold Dot ammo is the issue ammo for a number of law enforcement agencies that issue backup guns to their officers.

Update – October 2013

I’ve received a second source of information on the new Compact Handgun Defense ammo from Remington.  The second source provided identical information to the original source, but added MSRP info.  According to the second source, the suggested retail price will be $22.90 for a box of 20 rounds in each caliber.

Update – December 2013

The Shooting Wire’s Rich Grassi had a chance to shoot some of the new ammo, which he referred to as “Ultimate Defense – Compact Handgun.”  Remington has rebranded the “Ultimate Defense Home Defense” line of ammo as simply “Ultimate Defense.”  So, Ultimate Defense – Compact Handgun makes sense.  Although Grassi did not provide any factory specs, he did shoot the 124 grain 9mm load across a chronograph and got 1072 fps (3.25″ barrel).  Pretty standard fare for a normal pressure load.

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  • Aaron Evans

    Remington has been increasing their interest and output in the handgun market recently, so this move seems to make sense. It’ll be interesting to see if the round comes with some form of enhancer over traditional hollow-point ammunition, such as a polymer ballistic tip. It would be a shame if Remington launches a whole new line, only to flood the market with items that already exist.

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  • Michael

    How about just making more ammo

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  • rebart

    Well, it’s late July 2014 and no .38 Special Ultimate Defense compact yet. Isn’t it strange that probably the most prevalent “pocket” gun in decades doesn’t have this ammo?