Arsenal to Introduce a “Game Changer”

new gun from arsenal

Arsenal, Inc. sent out an e-mail Friday announcing the introduction of a “game changer” on August 7.  The announcement states that the gun will be “the most advanced member of the new SAM family of firearms.”  Maybe they are going to start making AR-15 rifles? (I kid. I jest.)

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  1. Michael says:

    AR15, 1911, or small concealable 9mm probably
    I hope it is a civilian PDW, Bullpup shotgun, Polymer pistol in 7.62×25 or a break action 2inch big bore revolver.
    Whatever it is I hope it is available (keltec) affordable (H&K) and shoots something that we can find (everything)
    Maybe they are opening an ammo plant in the US

  2. I just found out It is a milled right side metal folder which locks



  1. [...] Arsenal’s “game changer” is a new SAM7SF rifle with a right-side folding stock.  The semi-automatic rifle is chambered in 7.62×39. [...]

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