Remington and AAC Collaborate on Silencer Ammo

remington aac silencer ammo

Remington and Advanced Armament Corp (AAC) are collaborating on a line of handgun ammunition developed specifically for use with sound suppressors according to unverified information I have received.  There is no official word from Remington or AAC on the products, so this information should be treated as rumor.  However, the source of this information has been reliable in the past and I have no reason to doubt it now.

The initial production would include subsonic loads for the 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.  The bullets are supposed to be FMJ rounds and in weights of 147, 180 and 230 grains respectively.

A rumored shipping date of December 2013 would put the release just ahead of the SHOT Show in January of 2014.  While an end of the year announcement is possible, it is just as likely that we could see the official announcement at SHOT.

This is the second strong rumor of new ammunition being produced by Remington.  The other rumor is of the new Remington Compact Handgun Defense ammo that is designed for short barrel pistols.

Update – October 2013

I have obtained information from a second source that confirmed the calibers and bullet weights for these new subsonic silencer loads.  I have also learned the ammo will be sold in boxes of 50 rounds, and the MSRP will vary from about $25 – $32.  The source was not definite on the suggested retail pricing, but had a range that the loads may fall in.

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  1. DAN III says:

    Before they step into that arena I’d like to see 300BLK, 115gr, $11.99/box Remington ammo on the shelves. In the two years I’ve own my BLK I’ve had to buy all my ammo online. None of the aforementioned Remington.

    More bullshit from the Cuomo ass-sucking Remington.


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