Magpul Lawsuits: Additional Details

magpul logoMagpul filed lawsuits against four manufacturers as I reported last week.  Those lawsuits all allege patent infringement related to AR-15 magazines.

Reading the complaints filed in all four cases, Magpul cited a total of six different patents they allege have been infringed.  One of those patents, US Patent No. 8,069,601, is listed in each of the complaints, while the others are limited to specific cases.

The complaints do not list the specific details explaining how Magpul believes the products infringe on the patents.  As the cases advance through the legal process, it is possible additional documents will be filed with the court that further explain the alleged infringements.

Here is the breakdown of the complaints:

Magpul Industries v. Cole Industries

Magpul alleges the Cole A2 30-round magazine for the AR-15 rifle infringes US Patent No. 8,069,601 B1 (ammunition magazine for a firearm).

Magpul v Cole Industries Complaint

Magpul Industries v. Big Rock Sports dba Swamp Fox Combat Gear

Magpul alleges the Swamp Fox TMG-M30-P01 30-round lightweight polymer magazine for AR-15/M-16 firearms infringes US Patent No. 8,069,601 B1 (ammunition magazine for a firearm).

Magpul v Big Rock Sports (Swamp Fox Combat Gear) Complaint by Richard Johnson

Magpul Industries v. Brookshire Tool and Mfg Co dba ProMag Industries

Magpul alleges three ProMag magazines infringe on Magpul patents.  The magainzes that allegedly infringe are:

  • ProMag COL-A18 30-round black polymer magazine
  • ProMag COL-A16 42-round black polymer magazine
  • ProMag COL-A22 42-round desert tan polymer magazine

Magpul alleges ProMag infringes on multiple patents:

  • US Patent No. 8,069,601 B1  (ammunition magazine for a firearm)
  • US Patent No. D600,303  (ammunition magazine for a firearm)
  • US Patent No. D593,635  (ammunition magazine for a firearm)
  • US Patent No. D614,719  (casing for an ammunition magazine)

Magpul v Promag Complaint – Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Magpul Industries v. Plinker Arms dba Plinker Tactical

Magpul alleges the Plinker Tactical AR 30-round polymer magazine  infringes on multiple Magpul patents.  Those patents are:

  • US Patent No. 8,069,601  (ammunition magazine for a firearm)
  • US Patent No. D644,293  (magazine follower)
  • US Patent No. D620,545  (casing for an ammunition magazine)

Magpul v Plinker Tactical Complaint

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  1. J Hutson says:

    if they are gonna pull a surefire and sue others as a business model to out spend them into stopping competition, I will cease to buy their products.

    • Why dont you stop supporting companies who cant design their own products? Me, I buy Troy Magazines, but still, I have no compassion for patent infringement. I dont even really like Magpul all that much, but how is them getting ripped off ok?

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