LaserMax Green Guide Rod

LaserMax Green Laser

LaserMax appears ready to release green versions of the guide rod lasers for which they became famous.  Currently on the LaserMax site, they show the above photo along with a countdown.  Presumably at the end of the countdown, Friday, September 13, LaserMax will officially release the new green lasers.

Green lasers are much more visible to the human eye.  Where red lasers can become extremely difficult to see in bright light, green lasers are still visible and useable for sighting.

Even though green lasers offer an obvious sighting advantage, they have several drawbacks.  Compared to red lasers, green lasers are larger, use more power and are more temperature sensitive.  The problems with larger and being more power hungry should be plain.  The temperature problem, though, is one some people have not considered.  I demonstrated this potential problem in my Streamlight TLR-2 G review here.

Like the advancements made with LEDs in the flashlight industry, similar improvements are being made with green lasers.  The equipment is becoming smaller and more efficient.

LaserMax announced a new green laser technology called “Native Green.”  According to LaserMax, the Native Green technology offers a “compact size and maximum output power stability over a broad temperature range.”  I expect that this new technology will be used in the new guide rod lasers.

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