Engraved SIG P226 Pistols

SIG P226 Engraved pistol

SIG Sauer offers two factory engraved P226 pistols.  The handguns feature custom engraved slides, custom wood grips and two different finishes.

The first pistol is called the P226 Engraved.  This handgun features a black anodized frame.  The slide is polished black stainless steel with custom engraving.  The grips are wood with a SIG medallion embedded in them.  MSRP is $1,289 for this pistol.

The second SIG handgun is called the P226 Engraved Stainless.  As one might expect, this pistol is very similar to the above handgun, but with a stainless finish.  The slide is also engraved, but with a natural stainless steel finish.  The frame also has a natural stainless finish.  The grips are the same custom stocks.

SIG P226 Engraved Stainless

The stainless model has a black hammer, magazine release, decocker and other bits.  Interestingly, the photos of the guns show an accessory rail on the stainless gun only.  The black engraved P226 does not appear to have an accessory rail.

Both handguns ship with SIGLITE night sights.  Both guns are available only as double-action/single-action (DA/SA) pistols.

Engraved SIG P226 Pistols

 P226 EngravedP226 Engraved Stainless
standard magazine capacity15 rounds15 rounds
action typedouble-action/single-actiondouble-action/single-action
barrel length4.4"4.4"
overall length7.7"7.7"
weight (unloaded, with magazine)34.4 ounces34.4 ounces
frame finishblack hard anodizednatural stainless
slide finishpolished nitron stainless steel, custom engravingnatural stainless, custom engraving
gripscustom wood grips, SIG medalliancustom wood grips, SIG medallian
SIG item #E26-9-BSS-ESME26R-9-SSS-ESM

SIG Sauer has made a variety of custom and semi-custom pistols including the SIG Mk 25 Special Edition to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the US Navy SEALs.

For really bold custom designs, check out the custom SIG P226 X-Five line with bold color selections.  Some of the colors in this custom line will be considered over-the-top by some shooters.  However, some are a little more subdued in their styling.  The Blue Moon is my favorite of that bunch.

SIG P226 Engraved

These engraved SIG pistols were introduced earlier this year, just ahead of the 2013 SHOT Show.  If anyone has seen one of these pistols in the wild, can you post your observations in the comments below?  I’d like to know: how good is the engraving?  Does the P226 Engraved (the black model) have an accessory rail like the stainless model?

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  • SD3

    Yup. I bet that 226’ll hold down the inside of your gun safe real nice!

    • Steph

      Hahahaha! I was just thinking the same thing!

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  • Marc

    No mention of the engraved X-Series models? The two shown here are pretty boring, and the grips appear to be inferior to the Nills the German SIG Sauer ships its high-end guns with.

    • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard Johnson

      Marc – check the second paragraph below the data table. Are those the pistols you are talking about?


  • AxeMan

    Not my thing, but I get it. I prefer a rich bluing or straight up Cerakote in FDE.