Magpul AK-47 Grip First Look and Installation

Magpul AK47 Pistol Grip

Magpul finally jumped into the AK market this year with the introduction of 30 round magazines and pistol grips.  I recently picked up a Zastava O-PAP AK that came with a functional, but ugly, pistol grip.  Since Magpul just started shipping their new pistol grips, I figured now would be as good a time as any to swap the old one out.

The Magpul AK-47 grip borrows heavily from the styling and design of the AR-15 pistol grip made by the company.  This makes sense, as the AR grip is extremely popular with shooters.

The grip is polymer, and has a hard texture.  It is not a rubbery grip.  The texture is fairly aggressive, but not so abrasive as to shred clothing or hands that come into contact with it.  I expect that this grip will work very well for me in the Florida summers.

The installation process is extremely easy.  The factory grip has a single hex-head screw that is quickly undone, allowing the grip to come free.  The Magpul grip fits tightly around the mounting point on the receiver, which gives a good, non-wobbly feel before the screw is ever tightened down.

Since the Magpul grip allows for the storage of gear inside the body, the screw is much shorter than the original.  You need a long, slotted screwdriver to reach the screw head.  A few moments of turning, and the grip will be firmly attached to the rifle.

Once set into place, and secured by the grip screw, I took a look at the fit of the grip to the receiver.  I found it to be extremely good, especially considering the wide variations of AK-47 construction in the world.  There was no sloppiness, and the grip truly looked like it belonged on the rifle.

Magpul AK-47 Pistol Grip

I have not yet had a chance to take the rifle to the range and shoot it with the new grip.  However, I like the feel of it so far.  It fills my hand, and the texture makes it feel very secure.  I expect I will like this grip, and I will report back once I have put some rounds down range.

These pistol grips are modestly priced, with a MSRP of $20.95.  I picked mine up for a little less and free two-day shipping from Amazon.

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  • Glenn

    I bought one of these last week and I love it. It was a huge improvement over the cheap grip that came on my AK-74. I don’t know if you mentioned it, but these grips work on the -74 also.

  • Hank

    Looks like a nice grip. They are definitely better looking than a lot of the ak grips out there.

  • Marie

    I saw these on Magpul’s website and was wondering if theuy were out yet. Looks like a simple swap.

  • Aaron E

    A long time in the coming. Understandably Magpul has had phenomenal success in the AR market and good business sense says to keep making what’s working, but I think Magpul has started to open its eyes to the ever-expanding market of the less-expensive AK’s.

    Glad to see the new offerings.