Hornady Custom Lite Ammo: Reduced Recoil Ammunition

Hornady Custom Lite Ammo

The just announced Hornady Custom Lite ammo is designed to provide reduced recoil in a number of popular centerfire rifle and shotgun cartridges.  According to Hornady, the ammunition line is designed “to put the fun back into shooting” for children and anyone who is recoil sensitive.  Recoil reduction ranges from 25 – 43% depending on the caliber.

Hornady achieved significant recoil reduction in felt recoil through the use of lighter bullets, lower velocities and modified propellants.  While a shooter could easily choose a lower-power caliber, say .243 Win instead of .30-06 Sprg for example, by having reduced recoil choices in a caliber you already own can save you the money of buying a new rifle.

When introducing a person to the sport of shooting or hunting, recoil tends to be something that can frighten the new shooter.  A painful first experience may turn the person off to shooting completely.  Having a light recoiling load is one step a responsible gun owner can take to make a first shooting experience a good one.  According to Hornady, “significant recoil reduction is achieved” with these loads.

Hornady Reduced Recoil Ammo

The Hornady Custom Lite rounds could also be used to help a shooter transition from one caliber to another.  For example, if you taught your child to shoot with a youth sized .243 Win, they may have since grown and need a full size rifle.  You could find a good fitting .30-06, and let them shoot the Custom Lite loads as a bridge between the calibers.

The 12 gauge load appears to be the same as the SST Lite that was introduced late in 2012.  It is perhaps the success of this load that led to the expansion of the reduced recoil loads across the company’s offerings.

Hornady Custom Lite Ammo Specifications

bullet weight (gr)
bullet type
muzzle velocity (fps)
muzzle energy (ft-lbs)
recoil reduction
.243 Win87SST2800151435%
.270 Win120SST2675190741%
7mm-08 Rem120SST2675190731%
7mm Rem Mag139SST2800242027%
30-30 Win150RN2100146926%
.308 Win125SST2675198643%
.30-06 Sprg125SST2700202343%
.300 Win Mag150SST2800261130%
20 ga slug250FTX1600142125%
12 ga slug300FTX1575165240%
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  1. Tom Kempen says:

    Great ammo for the young hunter. My 11 year old daughter uses custom lite .243 round. Can’t find any .243 custom lite ammo right now. If anyone knows where I can find some, let me know.

  2. I look forward to trying some of this ammo out.


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