The New FN MINIMI Mk 3 Light Machine Gun


FN Herstal rolled out the latest update to the company’s light machine gun line, the MINIMI Mk 3.  The company stated the new Mk3 was designed around the feedback received from actual combat troops using the gun in the field.  Essentially, all updates are focused on improved ergonomics and improved mobility.

While there are undoubtedly small changes under the hood, the most prominent updates are:

  • new adjustable buttstock – The buttstock is adjustable for length of pull (five positions) to fit different sized soldiers with and without body armor.  The stock has an integrated hydraulic buffer to reduce felt recoil.  Additionally, the stock has an adjustable cheek riser.
  • integrated bipod and tri-rail handguard – The forward handguard has three Picatinny rails at the 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions.  The bipod is able to fold out of the way and into the space between the rails without interfering with most accessories.  The bipod is also adjustable for three heights.
  • redesigned cocking handle
  • improved feed tray
  • optional heat shield
  • ability to convert from 7.62×51 to 5.56×45 ammo


According to FN Herstal, existing MINIMI machine guns can be upgraded to Mk 3 specs.  FN will offer complete or partial upgrades depending on the customer’s need.

The MINIMI Mk3 will be available in two calibers (7.62 and 5.56) and four configurations: standard, para, tactical LB and tactical SB.

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  1. At first I thought it had a wrist brace like the Sig SR15 pistols, now that would be fun for doing a RAMBO impersonation.

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