New Glock 41 Pistol: .45 ACP Practical-Tactical

Glock 41

The Glock 41 will look nearly identical to the existing longslide Glock 34 pictured here.

It appears a new longslide .45 is coming from Smyrna: the Glock 41 pistol.  There has not been an official statement from Glock, but the guns have started popping up in online catalogs around the internet.

The new Glock 41 handguns will be “practical-tactical” versions of the company’s model 21 SF, with a 5.3″ barrel instead of a 4.6″ barrel.  The 13 round magazines will be standard and interchangeable with the model 21.  A 10-round restricted capacity version will also be sold.

As stated previously, Glock has not made any official statement on the new guns at the time of this writing.  No images of the new gun has yet leaked.  I expect the guns will be officially announced in December, and then shown at the SHOT Show in January.  We will bring you photos and additional information of the gun from the show.

There are additional rumors of a Glock 42 that may be also introduced in January.  I’ve not been able to find any solid information on this gun, and the internet is full of speculation on this pistol (if it even exists.)  Steve at The Firearm Blog posted an image of a Glock ad that hints at a subcompact pistol called the G42.  But, who knows if the ad is a complete Photoshop fake or something real.  (Ed. note:  The Glock 42 is real.  It is a .380 ACP single stack pistol.  Click here for a full review.)

It will be interesting to see if Glock will finally jump into the single stack 9mm (like the S&W Shield, Springfield XD-S) or the lightweight, pocket .380 (like the Ruger LCP, SIG P238, Kel-Tec P-3AT) markets.  With the recent recall on the XD-S line of pistols, Glock could certainly push their “perfection” image in that area for maximum benefit.

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The Glock 41 as a “tactical” .45 ACP pistol has been confirmed through multiple, reliable sources.  The gun will have all of the standard Gen 4 characteristics including the interchangeable backstraps.

The frame is supposed to be the same as a model 21 with the slide from a Glock 34 (with an enlarged hole on the business end to handle the wider barrel).  This would extend the company’s Lego-like creation of new guns from existing parts (see: Glock 31s announced at the 2013 SHOT Show).  My above photo of the model 34 was more accurate than I anticipated.

Glock 41 Tactical Specifications

caliber.45 ACP
barrel length5.3"
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