New Cartridge: the 26 Nosler

Nosler logoNosler announced a new rifle cartridge that will formally launch at the 2014 SHOT Show.  The 26 Nosler is being billed as the “World’s Most Powerful 6.5mm Commercial Cartridge.”  The new cartridge will push a 129 grain AccuBond Long Range bullet at 3400 fps. With the same bullet, the 26 Nosler will have the same velocity at 400 yards as the 260 Remington would at the muzzle.

The new round is a standard length action cartridge (same as the .30-06, et al).  It will headspace off the shoulder of the case.

Nosler did not announce a rifle that will be chambered for the cartridge, but did reference a “new platform rifle” that will be introduced at the SHOT Show.  I am guessing that the new rifle will have the 26 Nosler as one caliber.  It is also likely we will see one of the company’s existing M48 series of rifles chambered for the new cartridge.

26 nosler graph

Energy and velocity information for the new Nosler cartridge.

Nosler is not listed as a Media Day at the Range exhibitor, so I do not think we will get a chance to shoot one of these in January.  However, I expect that we will be able to get plenty of information and photos of the new rounds and rifles at the SHOT Show itself.  Make sure you check out our SHOT Show new guns page to keep up with all of the show news.

Update – June 2014

Nosler published reloading information for the new cartridge.  The load recipes and SAAMI specs are listed in the documents below.  If anyone knows of additional published load recipes, please let us know in the comments section below.  I know a lot of people are very interested in this cartridge, and sharing the information will help everyone looking for details on it.

Here are the SAAMI specs on the 26 Nosler cartridge:

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