New Gun Rumors – What Will We See at the SHOT Show?

2009 SHOT Show SIG556

T-Minus four weeks and counting. The 2014 SHOT Show is nearly here, and we are starting to hear about some of the new products that will be on display in Vegas.  Here is a list of new guns that are rumored to be coming in January.

Full Size Diamondback Pistol – I spoke with an employee of Diamondback a little over a year ago.  At that time, they had a prototype of a full size, striker fired handgun that was nearing production.  Shortly thereafter, the crazy buying frenzy hit and we did not see the gun introduced at the SHOT Show.

I suspect that with orders for AR-15 rifles and existing pistols rolling in, Diamondback decided to focus on getting existing products out the door rather than tooling up for a new line.  If so, we could see the new gun in January.  Read more on the gun in my article here.

Glock 42 – The introduction of the Glock 42 seems to be a foregone conclusion.  Details on the new Glock model 41 have already leaked out, and the company is running an ad suggesting the introduction of a subcompact pistol.  While many people have been asking Glock for a single stack 9mm pistol (and a rifle for that matter), my guess would be a Ruger LCP-style .380 ACP handgun.  I don’t know how saturated that market is at this point, but I’m sure the company would sell a bunch of them.

Update:  The Glock 42 is a .380 ACP is confirmed now.  However, it seems it will be closer to the size of a Ruger LC380 than a LCP.  No word if Glock ever intends to produce a single stack 9mm in the same general size.

Springfield Armory XD-S 40 – Several months ago, I believed the introduction of an XD-S pistol in .40 S&W was a sure thing.  Now I’m not so sure.  Springfield Armory hit a major snag with the recall of the XD-S product line.  The company is repairing the guns, but several delays have caused some unrest with the company’s customers.  Springfield Armory might make the decision to just show the current product line at the SHOT Show.  Once the recall is handled, the company could announce the XD-S 40 at the NRA show in April to a more receptive crowd.  But, that is pure speculation.

SIG Sauer Something – The folks at SIG have been cooking up a new product that has been kept under wraps.  Frankly, I don’t know what it is.  The one company rep I spoke with stated that it will “turn a few heads” and was a lot more than just a new finish on an existing gun.  Last year, the company introduced a new line of SMGs and sound suppressors, so I am eager to see what they believe will be catching the attention of gun buyers this year.

Update:  SIG is releasing a new striker-fired pistol called the P320.  This new gun will be modular like the P250, but will be the company’s first venture into the striker-fired world.  Combined with the new modular MCX rifles, the company looks like they are positioning themselves as a one-stop-shop for law enforcement departments.

FN AR-15 – It might seem too late to grab a piece of the black rifle buying bubble, but I would not be surprised to see FN-USA jump into the civilian AR-15 market.  It is my understanding FN once made M16 rifles for the USMC and was awarded a contract for M4 rifles by the US military earlier this year.  They definitely have some experience in the arena, and making a quality AR-15 should be an easy task.

Update:  Looks like I hit this one right on the head.  FN will be offering two FN-15 models, one a carbine and the other a rifle.  Both sound like pretty standard AR guns.  We will get more info at the SHOT Show.

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  1. A little birdy told me that SIG has some shotguns up their sleeve for SHOT ;)

  2. Sig showed us last year with the MPX that they were willing to shake things up a bit. A Sig scattergun would not surprise me.

  3. In 2 weeks, 4 days and so, gun enthusiasts all over the world can witness another set of cool and modern pistols. And this roster is definitely something to look forward to! Thanks for giving us an interesting sneak peek.


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