Beef Jerky Business Cards

beef jerky business cards

For the executive who has everything comes the ultimate in manly business cards:  laser etched beef jerky.  It may not be the coolest thing that Adadfruit Industries has come up with, but it is perhaps the manliest.

SureFire X300 WeaponLight

SureFire X300Trust the brand that has been combat tested by US Special Forces and elite law enforcement units the world over. The X300 WeaponLight is battle hardened and ready for duty on your pistol, rifle or shotgun.

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Richard Johnson is a gun writer, police trainer and really bad joke teller. Check out his other writing in Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, on The Firearm Blog and at BlueSheepdog.


  1. The movie reference is the best!

  2. This is both brilliant and profoundly stupid. It’s brilliant because all real men love beef jerky. And that unfortunately, is the same reason it is profoundly stupid.

    For example – Man receives business card and is immediately impressed by the company. Man commits to do business with such a brilliant manly company. Man does what man does and ultimately eats the business card – tasty! Man cannot remember company phone number and therefore no business is accomplished. Such a tragedy!

  3. Aaron,

    Since I’ve had your tasty venison jerky, I know your opinion in this arena has merit! If any of your Cajun jerky had a secret message or advertising, only my colon saw it.


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