Smith & Wesson Announces New 986 Pro Series Revolver

Smith & Wesson 986

Just ahead of the 2014 SHOT Show, Smith & Wesson announced a pair of new 9mm revolvers.  The first is the 929 revolver I talked about here.  The second is the new 986 Pro Series revolver.

The 986 is a seven-shot 9mm revolver that has a stainless steel frame and titanium cylinder.  It has a five-inch barrel and weighs in just shy of 35 ounces.  The barrel has a precision crown.

A Patridge sight is up front and an adjustable rear sits in back.  The gun has a lighter mainspring for an improved DA trigger pull, but it is not hand tuned like the guns from the Performance Center are.

The cylinder is cut for moon clips.  No MSRP or shipping date has been announced yet.  Smith & Wesson will, of course, be at the SHOT Show in less than two weeks.  We will try to get additional information about this revolver, and all of the new S&W guns, then.

Smith & Wesson 986 Revolver Specifications

capacity7 rounds
barrel length5"
weight (unloaded)34.9 oz
front sightPatridge
rear sightadjustable
MSRPnot announced
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  • Suburban

    The 986 guns, there are a few, are up on the S&W website, along with retail prices.

    What I really want is a 986 with the 386/686 Classic barrel underlug and a 6-shot cylinder, because I guess I’m never satisfied with “stock.”