“You guys wanted it” – A 9mm (Kurz) Glock 42!

Glock published a very informal video of the new model 42 pistol, and I now have an understanding of why it is a .380, not a 9mm.  Hear me out on this one…

(Ed. note: It looks like Glock has now made the video private. I wonder why.)

What’s interesting to me are the comments:

You guys have been asking for it for a while.


It’s built because you guys wanted it.

I do not dispute that someone, somewhere has been writing Glock daily e-mails complaining about the lack of .380 ACP handguns in the US market.  But I daresay that the majority of people have been asking for a single stack 9mm from Glock.

Perhaps the fault lies with the American public.  After all, in Europe, the .380 ACP is also known as the 9mm Kurz, 9mm Short and even the 9×17.  Perhaps, when looking at all of the customer requests, someone at Glock was tallied all of the stats and thought “We already sell them a 9×19.  Those stupid Americans must be talking about the 9mm Kurz.”

Perhaps from this critical lack of precision in language, a PowerPoint presentation was born.  And in that presentation the .380 ACP was (understandably) misidentified as the new gun that “us guys” wanted.  Hence the birth of the Glock 42: the company’s first single-stack 9mm Kurz pistol!

Just don’t try stuffing any 9×19, 9mm Luger or what we Americans call 9mm(!) into it.

Double tip of the fedora to Monderno and Predator Intelligence for sharing this video.  Both are great sites and you should check them out if you don’t already.


Here is another video of the Glock 42.  This one is an advertisement, so it is more professional.  It shows a little more of the gun, though it is more of a lifestyle ad.  That said, the responses to this gun on the YouTube page and the company’s Facebook page are less than enthusiastic.

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  1. why not a nine,are they asleep.surely a nine will follow,much like the sig .

  2. Why would anyone who wants a “pocket gun” buy this over the vast assortment of much lighter guns in the .380 or the Kel-Tec PF9 in 9mm at 11 Ozs?

  3. Nice slapping of the trigger! For a company that created one of the best reset triggers that is disappointing.

  4. I know people like to talk big, but not everyone is big. A very small pistol in 9mm Luger is too harsh for many. Note the advertisement is aimed at women. The 9mm Kurz is a fine defensive round and more easily handled by smaller or less strong people such as women and grandfathers.

  5. I was hoping for a double stack 380 to get for my wife.

  6. Who wanted it? If Glock would listen to their customers they would have made this in 9mm.

  7. OK, so apparently this gun is primarily for women? That seems to be the message here.

    People have been complaining about the lack of a .380 Glock in the U.S. for as long as I have been visiting gun boards, but it’s always been about the G25 & 28. Personally, I figured Glock would just start building them in the U.S., since they couldn’t be imported, but they decided to go a different way.

    I still want to know what the Glock 40 is. We’ve now seen the 41 & 42, but considering they’ve never skipped a number before, that should mean there’s a G40 coming too.

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