DRD Tactical G762 Take Down Rifle

DRD Tactical Rifle 762

DRD Tactical announced a new take-down 7.62 NATO rifle.  The G762 is a semi-automatic rifle that can be disassembled or assembled without any tools in less than one minute.

The G762 rifle has a FN hammer forged 16″ barrel.  The bolt carrier group is nickel boron coated.  It ships with two, 20-round G3 magazines, and uses a Magpul stock and pistol grip.

The 13″ handguard has a Picatinny rail on top and mounting holes on the sides to add Magpul size L4 rails.  The rifle comes with a hard case with custom cut foam inserts.

MSRP is $3,000.

DRD Tactical Rifle

DRD Tactical Take Down Rifle

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  1. …so, it’ll fit in those pesky overhead luggage bins on business trips!

  2. Nice, especially using G3 mags, but I stopped reading at $3000

  3. nunwithagun says:

    Someone steps up and is smart enough to build a new package in 7,62 and then using G3 mag . I got so excited and then saw the prices. What are they thinking , dont they know about the verious G3 / HK , PTR clones that sell for a third of that price. What a Big Joke Better luck next time..

    • I don’t think DRD is trying to make a G3 clone. I think DRD is aiming for a different buyer, as this appears to be a mid-range (price) rifle that takes down in seconds without the need for tools. I believe the DRD’s $6000 Paratus rifle (also a 7.62 NATO take-down gun) has been selling well for the company.

      Here is one of the company’s more pedestrian CDR-15 rifles in action:

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