SIG P320: More Information

More information is leaking out about the new SIG P320 striker-fired handgun set to be introduced next week.  Here is the latest.

  • striker fired with “short, crisp trigger” and “pronounced reset”
  • two trigger types
  • swappable polymer frames
  • no external controls standard
  • thumb safety optional
  • four calibers
  • taking on Glock and M&P head on

The P320 will use a partially pre-tensioned striker that will have a “short, crisp trigger pull with a quick, pronounced reset.”  Assuming this is true, this should make a lot of people happy, and it shows SIG Sauer has been listening to the market when developing this gun.

There will be two styles of trigger offered.  One style will be a standard trigger, while the second will be “tabbed.” This possibly means there will be a safety device on the trigger like the Glock, or hinged like the M&P.  Interestingly, it seems SIG is offering the tabbed trigger specifically for government sales.  I do not yet know if the trigger will be available through commercial channels.

No external safeties or decockers will be on the standard pistol.  However, a model with a frame-mounted thumb safety will be available for law enforcement purchase.  This is similar to the route taken by Smith & Wesson, who offers the M&P with thumb safeties as an option.  I am unsure what portion of the market – law enforcement or commercial – prefers the thumb safety model, but I suspect it is a small percentage of the total market.

Polymer frames similar to the P250 will be the order of the day with the SIG Sauer P320.  This means the shooter can swap frame sizes between full and compact sizes, plus make adjustments for hand size.  A single fire control unit, the part with the serial number, would pop out of one frame and drop into another.

In theory, a shooter could get different colored frames, though SIG is only expected to introduce black (for now.)  However, if the gun is popular, I would expect a range of colors starting with tactical flat dark earth and OD green.

The new SIG P320 pistols will have the SIGLITE night sights standard.  The magazine release will be reversible, but not ambidextrous.

Clearly taking aim at the Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols, SIG Sauer will be highlighting that the P320 will be field stripped without the need for pulling the trigger or using a tool.  (Although I just use my pinky when disassembling the M&P, Smith & Wesson has a built in tool to do the same job.)

Initially, the SIG Sauer P320 will be available in 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W.  These are set to ship immediately.  A .45 ACP version is expected later this year.  Like the frame conversions, the gun can swap calibers at will if  you have the conversion kits.

It seems pretty clear that SIG Sauer is aiming for the law enforcement market with this new gun platform.  Take a look at my prior article on what the company is doing in 2014 to go after government sales.

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  1. the pictures and drawings I’ve seen of it looks like it has a really high bore axis, also kinda ugly

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