Glock 42 – First Look from Media Day

Glock 42 review

The Glock 42 is one of the new “big deals” coming out at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  It is a single-stack, very thin .380 ACP pistol.  A lot of people, myself included, wanted to see a 9mm single-stack from Glock, but we won’t get one for now.

I shot the new G42 at the Media Day at the Range event.  I did not have a chance to put a lot of rounds through the pistol, but it did not take many to figure out that I like this gun.  Recoil was very light and extremely easy to control.  Watch the short video below and see how little muzzle flip there is.

Even with the relatively short grip, I did feel I had enough meat on the gun to control rapid fire.  I’d like to get one for further review and really put it through its paces, but so far I like it.  I’d still rather the gun in 9mm, but if you like the .380 ACP, this gun is worth your consideration.

Glock 42 first look

Glock 42 review

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  1. Captain Carry says:

    I think it would be fine in a 380. I think I would prefer a 9mm also. But hey if I needed to grab and run I would take it fast fast.

  2. I shot the 42 right after I shot the more “normal” XD-S 4.0 9mm, and I agree, I love the Glock. It’s ridiculously eay to shoot compared to a standard pocket nine, and it feels slimmer than it actually is. It’s not a gun for the people who read gun blogs, it’s a gun for the spouses of people who read gun blogs.

  3. It should be illegal for Glock to produce a gun that large, and still have a magazine that is not considered illegal in NY!

    • Lol, I know what you mean…I thought to myself this gun & standard mag is legal in all 50 states! I’m guessing they’ll have a 10 round mag out sometime….even if it’s just for practice shots at the range…those 6 go fast.

  4. surprised Glock had such poor marketing in NOT photographing it alongside something thats really familiar. Soda can or a G21 or an M1911A1 or something. Thats marketing 1.01. It looks in print and the web to be “just another Glock ” Another brick” but its not….its about the size of a Keltec…but they dont show that….they show it in space…duh.

  5. I shot it at Media Day and was very pleased with how the Glock 42 shot. It is truly a “mini” Glock. Features are just like other Glocks just in a smaller package.

    The .380 is still popular for CCW holders, so Glock should have a winner here, though I’ll be holding out for the 9mm that is sure to come.

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