Desert Tech MDR

Desert Tech MDR

Desert Tech showed the new Micro Dynamic Rifle, or MDR, at the 2014 SHOT Show.  The new rifle is a bullpup-style, auto loading rifle that will be available in a wide variety of configurations.  Semi-auto and select fire versions will be available.

The system is still under development, with production expected to start in 2015.  While nothing is set in stone, the company has a target price of $2,450 for the .308 Win rifle.  Other calibers will include .223 Rem and .300 BLK.

Watch the below video for an explanation of the rifle by a company rep:

Desert Tech Mag Release

The magazine release on the MDR is placed in reach of the trigger finger (and is ambidextrous.)

Desert Tech bolt release

The bolt release is placed in easy reach of the thumb when inserting a magazine.

Desert Techh MDR-c

Desert Tech rifle

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  • Jamie K.

    Kinda wish the bolt release was beside the magazine tunnel instead of behind it, but I guess they did that to keep it ambi. Do like that the mag release is where its easy to reach.

    • Dave M.

      The magazine release looks like black magic. I would love to know how that mechanism works and how well it works.

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