New M&P Bodyguard 380 – First Impressions

Bodyguard 380

At Media Day, I had a chance to shoot several of the Smith & Wesson handguns that have been introduced for 2014.  Among them was the new M&P Bodyguard.  I have shot the original Bodyguard, and wanted to know how different the two pistols are.  The answer:  not much.

The new Bodyguard 380 does not have an integral laser.  This is an important aspect to the new gun as (1) some people do not want/need a laser and (2) for law enforcement officers, many agencies prohibit the use of a laser aiming device on a gun.

But many people want to know – how does it shoot?

If you have shot the original Bodyguard 380, this one will feel nearly identical.  It has a very long trigger pull, that starts light, but then gets heavier toward the end.  I am able to shoot the gun accurately, but I don’t like the trigger.  I much prefer the trigger on a Glock, M&P pistol or even the SD series of budget guns from Smith & Wesson.  Your tastes may vary.

M&P Bodyguard 380

The gun shot well for us on the range, and I saw no failures of any kind with the pistol.  I’d want to give this gun a lot more shooting before determining it was good to go, but my initial impression was positive.

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  • Tim

    This is what I wish they would have done originally. Hopefully now C/T or Viridian will get a GOOD laser for this great pocket pistol. I love the lockback when empty, factory steel guide rod, stainless slide, restrike capability and better sights. For those not wanting a big carry gun because you don’t chase trouble but want a little more security than nothing, these are great pocket pistols. Probably will get my third-just didn’t like the integrated lasers on the other two. Yeah I know its only a 380 but that’s done a lot of people in!