Winchester Defender 20 Gauge Segmenting Slug

Winchester segmenting slug

New for 2014 is a segmenting slug for the 20 gauge from Winchester Ammunition.  The new Winchester Defender Segmenting Slug is a 3/4 ounce slug that is engineered to break into three large chunks when striking the target.  These pieces form three distinct wound channels, causing rapid incapacitation.

Below is a video showing the new Defender Segmenting Slug in action:

I’ve always felt that the 20 gauge shotgun makes a great home defense weapon.  I’ve got mine loaded with #3 buck.  However, this load looks like a winner.  I hope to put hands on some and see how it works for myself.  If it functions reliably, this could be my new home defense shotgun load.

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  • Andy from CT

    Looks like the old “Quik-Shok” slugs to me. Always thought it was a good idea. Suprised it took this long for someone to pick it up and run with it.