Remington R51 Photos and Information

Remington R51

I imagine that most of the gun community has heard of the Remington R51 by now.  If not here’s the basics:  it is a single-stack 9mm pistol based on a historic Remington pistol also called the R51.  It has been updated with modern manufacturing and metallurgy, but remains very similar to the original gun.

One of the more surprising things I experienced at Media Day is going to the Remington shooting lanes to discover that the company chose to not bring the gun to the range with them.  Asking about, I was not able to get a single answer on why that is.  Different reps told me different things.  But, all assured me the gun was in production and would be shipping soon.

Remington 9mm pistol

Remington had several of the R51 guns on the show floor.  Another writer told me he thought the trigger was gritty.  The one I dry fired, however, had a nice trigger on it.  I hope the production guns have the light, smooth trigger I experienced.

Remington R51 pistol

Remington R51 handgun

Remington R51 gun

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  1. Remington created a lot of suspicion by failing to bring the gun to media day. that’s unfortunate since the concept is really exciting. I’m just confused as to why the MSRP went from $389 to $420 overnight. I’ll still buy it though.

  2. Matthew Carberry says:

    Lots of positive interest = probable high demand= raise the price to maximize profit.

    If it got a ho-hum reception the MSRP likely would have stayed static, with people already talking group buys why not make another few bills per gun?

  3. I got to put my hands on one at the SHOT Show. Not knowing what to expect since they were NOT at the Media Day at the Range (curse you Remington), I was very pleased with what I found. The feel is great, the trigger is incredibly smooth, and it does have a natural aim point.

  4. A small aluminum framed pistol with a low bore axis and single action trigger. Also, based of an old proven design. Sounds like a great ccw. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  5. Molon Labe says:

    I was much more jazzed about this new version of the R-51 at first with its rounded corners and sleek design but now that I see these pictures of it in a man’s hand; it looks bigger than I had initially envisioned. if it were smaller I would like it much better. It looks even bigger than a Makarov which has a fixed barrel design. The mag release looks to be in a more forward position than I would like it. I see it uses a spring over barrel design like the Mak too but I’m a little confused about it being a fixed barrel. Does the barrel move at all? I can see it does not tilt like most semi-auto pistols. From what I understand; the fixed barrel design maxed out at 9×18 so this Pedersen design apparently is more advanced so it can handle larger calibers. Interesting. I hope a reviewer can make this more clear to us novices at some point.

    No handgun will ever fit everyone’s hand just right. I look forward to seeing and feeling how my hand works with this new offering. I do like that Remington is doing something unexpected and thinking outside the box by surprising us with this new (redone) 9mm.

  6. I’ve now read two reviews by Mac@ The Firearm Blog and Caleb to whom you refer. They beat up on this gun as having a lousy trigger and grip safety. Then I read Jeff Quinn, who shot the gun and others who laud it as a great CCW piece. I find myself in a quandary since I’ve had some experience with my son’s XDs .45 and figure the 9 would be comparable and really liking what I’ve seen of the R51. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    • Hi Ed,

      If your comment was directed toward me, I haven’t talked to anyone named Caleb about this pistol.

      The grip safety is a matter of preference with people. I’d prefer not to have one, but I didn’t see anything that was problematic with the R51. Everyone is going to have their own preferences. Personally, I will stick with a striker fired gun like a Glock or M&P, but that doesn’t mean I would look down on anyone who likes & carries an R51.



    • Ed we didn’t get to shoot the R51 because Remington did not have the pistol at the Media Day at the Range. However, I spent a good deal of time handling them in the booth on the SHOT floor.

      I felt that the R51 had a nice, sleek design, though not as small as some CCW carriers might prefer. The R51 trigger felt fine to me, so I’m not sure what the complaints were there.

      On the grip safety, the design is opposite of the more familiar 1911 design, in that the safety depresses at the top instead of at the bottom like the 1911. That may be what some are considering a fault. However, if the shooter grasps the R51 high on the grip like good shooting form dictates there should be no problem in disengaging the safety. Hope that helps.

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