Kinetic Concealment Holsters

Kinetic Concealment holster

Kinetic Concealment is a relatively new holster company that is making a new kind of hybrid IWB holster that looks to raise shooters’ expectations on comfort.

Hybrid IWB holsters generally use a Kydex shell mounted to a slab of leather.  The leather acts as the platform for the unit and stabilizes the gun.  Many people claim these types of holster are more comfortable than traditional IWB holsters.  However, Kinetic Concealment goes one step farther.

The new holsters use a specially designed neoprene backing on the leather.  The backing increases comfort for the shooter, because it acts as a soft cushion between the leather and skin.  Additionally, the neoprene helps keep sweat from penetrating the leather, which can lead to funky smells with some holsters.

Kinetic Concealment

The Kinetic Concealment holsters are adjustable for ride height, and come in a very wide range of pistols.  I saw the company even offers one for the Bersa BP9CC.  After reviewing (and then buying) that gun, I have been looking for a good concealment holster for it.  It looks like I have now found one.

Kinetic Concealment makes the holsters in black.  I don’t know if they will offer other colors in the future.  MSRP is $76.95.  You can visit the company’s website by clicking here.

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