Possible Problems with PCP Ammo

PCP Polymer Case AmmoThe Firearm Blog ran an article about a pair of catastrophic failures with .308 Win PCP Ammunition.  With only two rounds fired, two ‘kabooms.’  Batting a thousand in this way is probably not what the company hoped to achieve with their ammo.

These serious problems alone should not be considered an indictment on the use of polymer-cased ammunition.  In fact, both rounds were from the same lot number (X121300001) and the problems may be associated with improper loading in that lot alone.  I imagine that sort of thing has happened to every major ammo manufacturer from time to time.

For more information on PCP Ammunition, check out Aaron’s experience with the stuff at Media Day.

For the article on the kabooms, check out TheFirearmBlog.com.

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

leupold mk ar rifle scopeWithout a doubt, Leupold is the premier name in rifle scopes.  If you want the best glass for your AR-style rifle, this is the scope you must have.  This tactical scope is extremely durable and the optics are amazing.  The bonus is the incredible pricing and that it is made in the USA.
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  1. Looks like something that needs much more testing, though the cost is too high for the consumer to be the tester.

  2. Disappointing! Though the initial prices were a bit high, I was hoping that a successful product could expand distribution and bring prices down. Always hoping for a cheaper, yet accurate, alternative to the ever-increasing price of brass ammo.

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