Remington Moving Corporate HQ to Nashville?

Remington logoThe big Remington news yesterday was the relocation announcement that will move a number of their manufacturing facilities to a consolidated plant in Huntsville, AL.  However, the one piece of news that may have been missed is the potential move of the company’s HQ from Madison, NC to Nashville, TN.

According to an unverified, but generally reliable source,

…the people in Madison got the [relocation] notice at 5pm yesterday. New word is Hq will be in Nashville.


Last August, The Tennessean reported Remington scouted the Nashville area looking for a potential site for a new corporate HQ.  About a week later, Outdoor Life reported the same thing.

While unverified at this point, I would not be surprised to see the company make the move.  Filtering out all other reasons, Nashville is a lot closer to Hunstville than Madison is (less than a two hour drive vs. a flight of about 2 hours 45 min.)

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  1. Nashville is more centrally located, is a major metropolitan area with over 1.5 million people, with 3 Interstate highways and an International airport. Madison is a town of 2200. For a company working an international market, it makes a lot of sense to headquarter in a town that can entertain high stakes clients.

    The movement of lines to Alabama makes perfect sense due to New York’s anti-gun laws. Alabama has low taxes, is very pro-gun, and Huntsville has a major Army Depot. Always nice to be close to the military when making guns and ammo!

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