Noir – Episode 2

For those that have not noticed, the NRA has a new show called Noir. This is episode 2:

For what its worth, the production value is very good. But like a lot of fledgling shows, there is still some awkwardness in the interaction between the hosts. Hopefully, everyone will stay with the program and it will improve with time. I know the first time I taught a class, it was not as smooth as I had hoped. With time, things got more relaxed and easy. So, I expect good things from the program in the future.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

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Richard Johnson is a gun writer, police trainer and really bad joke teller. Check out his other writing in Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, on The Firearm Blog and at BlueSheepdog.


  1. Bruce Herrmann says:

    I Live in Edmonton alberta Canada our Canadian Laws probited use of fire arms, but I’m in favor too in use of NRA in having a gun in self Proection of myself in my own Apartment when being threaned by an interder breaking on into my front door. I’m now a Member of NRA for 5 years Commentant show my american/ Canadian rights of NONE fire arm in my own apartment. Some day I will Purchase a fire arm too protect myself and Learn how too use it inside the west edmonton Mall shooting gallery range. Sincerely, -Bruce Herrmann.

  2. Good dude! He made some really powerful YouTube videos. I’m glad NRA brought him on and is highlighting his show.

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