“No Safety” Smith & Wesson Shield a Reality

sku 10035

The new M&P Shield in 9mm

Smith & Wesson has announced the introduction of a new M&P Shield without a thumb safety.  The guns are in production now, and the first guns should start shipping next week.  The new Shield variants will be available in both 9mm and .40 S&W.  Other than the deleted safety, the guns will be identical to the originals. All of the carry rigs I have included in my Shield holster list will fit this pistol.


Recently, there have been partial images of a Smith & Wesson sales sheet floating around the internet that purport to show a new M&P Sheild pistol that does not have a thumb safety.  There has been some degree of debate on the accuracy of the information, or if they were complete Photoshop fabrications.  I am happy to report that the images are authentic, and the pistol is real.  It would seem a dealer mistakenly released the information a few days ahead of schedule.

shield no safety

Part of the leaked S&W document

According to a source I spoke with, the company received a lot of requests for a M&P Shield without a thumb safety.  This is not surprising, as many people I have spoken with have expressed the little lever as being the only thing that they do not like about the gun.

New Pistol Details

The new Shield handguns will be very similar to the originals.  Externally, the new guns will be identical other than the missing safety lever.

Smith & Wesson Shield

The new .40 S&W version of the M&P Shield

Current Shield owners may be disappointed to learn that older guns cannot be upgraded by the company to remove the original safety.  I suspect there are a variety of reasons for this, not the least of which is demand by current Shield owners might overwhelm the S&W gunsmithing crew.  If there are not already gunsmiths who offer a safety removal service, there should be.

A Massachusetts compliant model is expected to be released in the near future.


  • caliber:  9mm and .40 S&W
  • magazine capacity, 9mm:  7 rounds (8 round extended available)
  • magazine capacity, .40 S&W:  6 rounds (7 round extended available)
  • barrel length:  3.1″
  • weight (unloaded):  19 oz
  • sights:  three-dot, dovetailed
  • MSRP:  $449

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  • Famous Dave

    I’m glad to see S&W finally introduced what I have been wanting: single stack 9mm with no external safeties to screw things up.

    Now…will they start making revolvers without those damn locks?

    • Jorge

      Agree 100% on both points.

    • Dan

      They’re still offering some j-frames without the internal locks. I want to say the 442..?

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  • Bryan

    And now how about making the version with the safety be an ambidextrous one?

  • Zak

    You can just take the safety lever out of a normal Shield

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  • Mick

    This will most certainly motivate me to trying to find a Shield. I bought a Taurus 709 just befor the Shield became available in my area in the first place; when the new version is available I’ll dump that 709! I also will NOT buy a S&W defensive revolver with that damnable lock. I have a 657 hunting gun on which the lock tied up my gun twice. I don’t trust them and won’t be convinced to.

  • ELY LV

    I have two in the mail on their way to me now. SKU s 10034 and 10035.
    A good deal at $377 each. Free shipping too and no credit card fees.
    I will be selling my guns with safety’s as soon as I get the new guns this week.
    Great job Smith and Wesson.

    • Scott

      R Ur guns still for sale?