Make Big Noise 2014

Make Big Noise 2014

I recently had the chance to attend the inaugural Make Big Noise firearms demonstration at the  G4S International Training facility in Shackleford, VA.  The event was organized by Laura Burgess Marketing.  Various writers from around the industry were invited to the facility and met with various manufacturer representatives.  There were classroom demonstrations and range time.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more information about some new products coming out from some of these companies.  Also, I have a number of items that I will be testing in the coming days.  For now, here are a few photos from the event.

Due to a family event, I was forced to leave the event a day early.  A shoot house demo and emergency vehicle operations were held on the day I missed.  So, no photos of those events.

Morphix TraceX

Kim from Morphix Technologies demonstrated the new Trace X explosives detection kit.



Chamber View

We got an introduction to the Chamber View safety flag.


Tac Pro Gear

We got a run down on the latest bags and armor from TacProGear.

TacPro Gear



LaserLyte is now offering a CT-like laser grip for the NAA mini revolvers.

LaserLyte target

LaserLyte will introduce a new target that includes a timer and score keeper. This worked great.

at the G4S range

at the G4S range

MFT stock

Mission First Tactical has new stocks, magazines and back up sights on the range.

Mission First Tactical sights

Fobus holster

One of the Fobus holsters on the range.


Prototype of a new holster

MFT rifle in action

AB arms rifle chasis

The AB Arms rifle chassis

AB Arms bolts

American Built (AB) Arms manufactures bolts for LWRC.

AB Arms bolts

AB Arms bolts

Kenn Blanchard

My brother from a different mother, Kenn Blanchard, was on the range to do a little shooting. Make sure you check out his new podcast at

Kenn Blanchard tavor

Kenn Blanchard tavor

Barbara Baird

My sister from another mister, Barbara Baird, was on the range keeping us under control.

shooting a shooter shooting

Shooting a shooter shooting…

get some

IWI Tavor

IWI US was on hand with a complete line up of TAVOR rifles to shoot.

IWI Tavor

IWI Tavor reload

Demo of a TAVOR reload

MGI Hydra

Demo of the quick-change capabilities of the MGI Hydra



Armed Candy

Gabby of Armed Candy joined us at the range and showed off her shooting skills.

Liberty Ammunition

Russ with Liberty Ammunition brought a bunch of 9mm that we shot into gel, through walls, car doors and windshields. It performed very well.

Steve Tracy of Police Marksman

Steve Tracy, the editor of Police Marksman magazine, gave the Liberty Ammunition a run in a Bersa BP9CC pistol.

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