About Guns Holsters And Gear

Guns Holsters And Gear is a firearms industry news and gun reviews website.  Far more than a typical gun blog, the site's main purpose is to provide you with honest, in-depth reviews of firearms and shooting gear. Secondarily, the site is a news delivery platform that covers events including the … Read more about About Guns Holsters And Gear

Dara Holsters Review

It seems that everyone and their brother are in the holster making business these days. Due to its various properties that make it both durable and easy to work with, Kydex has risen to be one of the top holster materials today. Its ease of workmanship offers the shooting community a greater … Read more about Dara Holsters Review

Ruger SR9c Holsters

"What are my choices when looking for Ruger SR9c holsters?" was a recent request I got via e-mail from a reader.  Fortunately for him, and all owners of the SR9c, there are a lot of choices available.  I figured there might be other people looking for a new holster for their compact Ruger, so I … Read more about Ruger SR9c Holsters

RKBA Holsters

RKBA Holsters is a small firm making leather pocket holsters for Smith and Wesson J-frames, sub-compact Glocks, and the North American Arms .22 Magnum mini revolvers. Owned and operated by Stephen McElroy, RKBA Holsters specializes in making pocket holsters, holsters that are specially designed to … Read more about RKBA Holsters

Glock 42 Holsters

Looking for a holster for your Glock 42 pistol?  We're putting together an in-depth resource for finding the perfect match for your needs.  Below are a variety of Glock 42 holsters that are available or that have been announced.  As more scabbards become available, we will add them here.  Since the … Read more about Glock 42 Holsters


Whether you need leather or kydex, inside-the-waistband or crossdraw, you've come to the right place for holster reviews. Many of the holsters that we review are designed for concealed carry.  However, some of them are suitable for open cary or even competition.  If you are looking for information … Read more about Holsters