SAR Arms 9mm Carbines

SAR Arms 9mm Carbine

SAR Arms is showing two 9mm carbines at the 2014 SHOT Show: the 109T and the TE54.  Both are AR-style rifles with lowers that are specifically designed to take 9mm magazines.  The models shown were semi-automatic. The 109T has a removable carry handle with a rear sight set for 50 and 100 yards.  The TE54 […]

New Stag Arms Model 3T

Stag 3T rifle

Stag Arms introduced their new Model 3T and Model 3T-M at the 2014 SHOT Show.  This is a rifle length direct impingement AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO.  As with all Stag models the Model 3T and Model 3T-M will be available in both right-handed and left-handed versions. What sets the 3T apart from the other […]

Custom SIG Pistols

SIG Custom pistol

Every year SIG Sauer displays a variety of custom and commemorative guns at the SHOT Show.  Here are some of the guns on display this year.

Remington R51 Photos and Information

Remington R51

I imagine that most of the gun community has heard of the Remington R51 by now.  If not here’s the basics:  it is a single-stack 9mm pistol based on a historic Remington pistol also called the R51.  It has been updated with modern manufacturing and metallurgy, but remains very similar to the original gun.

I.O. Venom

IO Venom

I.O. Inc. will be shipping a new 1911 pistol later this year called the Venom.  The Venom is still in production, but is close to production.  A prototype was on the floor of the SHOT Show, and I.O. staff allowed us to photograph it.  Please note that the production gun will have higher quality machining […]

Taurus View – It’s Really Small

Taurus View

In the category of guns that I don’t want to shoot is the new Taurus View.  It looks a little funny, but it is the size of the gun that suggests it would not be any fun to shoot. The gun is very light, and the grip only allows me to wrap a few fingers […]

Polymer Rhino Photos

Chippa Rhino polymer

Chiappa is now making a polymer frame version of the Rhino revolver.  The polymer frame Rhino works the same as existing Rhino revolvers, but is chambered for the .38 Special +P, not .357 Magnum.  The guns hold six rounds.

SIG P320 – First Impressions

SIG P320 SHOT show 2014

The curtain has been pulled back on the new SIG Sauer P320, and the response has been mixed from the people I have spoken to.  Since SIG did not attend Media Day, I have not had a chance to shoot this new gun.  However, I have handled the guns in the company’s exhibit.  Any review […]

Desert Tech MDR

Desert Tech MDR

Desert Tech showed the new Micro Dynamic Rifle, or MDR, at the 2014 SHOT Show.  The new rifle is a bullpup-style, auto loading rifle that will be available in a wide variety of configurations.  Semi-auto and select fire versions will be available. The system is still under development, with production expected to start in 2015. […]

Winchester Defender 20 Gauge Segmenting Slug

Winchester segmenting slug

New for 2014 is a segmenting slug for the 20 gauge from Winchester Ammunition.  The new Winchester Defender Segmenting Slug is a 3/4 ounce slug that is engineered to break into three large chunks when striking the target.  These pieces form three distinct wound channels, causing rapid incapacitation. Below is a video showing the new […]

New M&P Bodyguard 380 – First Impressions

Bodyguard 380

At Media Day, I had a chance to shoot several of the Smith & Wesson handguns that have been introduced for 2014.  Among them was the new M&P Bodyguard.  I have shot the original Bodyguard, and wanted to know how different the two pistols are.  The answer:  not much. The new Bodyguard 380 does not […]