Armed Response Book Review

Armed Response Book ReviewOne of the books I got for Christmas this year was Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and I am pleased to write this Armed Response book review. I found the writing style kept my interest and the content was well researched.

Armed Response is an excellent book that introduces the reader to the use of firearms in self-defense. The author, David Kenik, does a superb job in discussing the relevant issues in self-defense and the carrying of a firearm.

Kenik starts off the book with the Misconception of Police Protection. While some readers may be startled by such a statement, the fact is simply that the police cannot be everywhere, protecting everyone at all times. If they could, there wouldn’t be any crime. However, the majority of the public has the notion that the police will protect them. The reality is that people have to survive long enough for the police to arrive.

As radio host Tom Gresham says “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Massad Ayoob explains in the forward “…[Kenik] is being frank…law enforcement is necessarily reactive… If there is a crime of violence, the potential victim needs the wherewithal to stop the deadly danger and stabilize the scene until [the police] can get to the scene and do their job.”

As a former police officer myself, I can attest to Ayoob’s assessment of the reality of police protection and violence.  The police will not be there when you need help.  You have to help yourself until they can be summoned.

Once Kenik discusses the need of the individual citizen to be an active participant in his or her own survival, he moves into the practical areas of self-defense and the use of firearms. Chapters include information on the reasonable use of force, body alarm reaction (the fight or flight reflex), action/reaction, Tueller Drill, safe gun handling, malfunction drills, reloading drills, realistic shooting practice, holster selection, back-up guns, post-shooting actions, and much more.

Many of the topics covered are relatively basic for anyone who has had advanced, professional training.  But they are the foundation upon which someone can build their self defense skills with a firearm.  If you’ve never taken advanced training, this book will be excellent for you.  If you’ve only had your state’s basic CCW course, you have no idea of what you don’t know yet.

Armed Response is a great book for any citizen considering the purchase of a firearm and for the officer starting out their career. I highly recommend it.  Click here to get Armed Response on Amazon.

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