There’s Never a CCW Holder When You Need One…

It is really a shame that none of the defenseless victims in this crime was a CCW holder with the ability to respond appropriately to an armed felon. In this video, a man is shown walking up to a restaurant, which appears to be a take-out place.  In other words, the area for the customers is […]

Beretta Nano

In August 2011, unofficial word leaked out that Beretta was jumping into the subcompact gun market with the Nano pistol. In September of the same year, Beretta officially announced the new handgun.  Since that time, there have been more than one Beretta Nano review, updates to the product line and even some torture testing.  In […]

Is the .32 the New .380?

Just a couple of years ago, the .380 ACP was a secondary cartridge: largely ignored by professional gun toters, eschewed in the press by gun experts, and not a big seller for dealers.  Now, it is the exact opposite thanks, in large part, to the Ruger LCP.  Since then, nearly every manufacturer introduced a .380 […]

On Quality Holsters and Guns

One of the Internet arguments that never seems to die is whether you should carry a pistol with a cartridge in the chamber.  The argument against carrying with “one in the pipe” is based on the idea that it is unsafe to do so.  People are concerned about “accidental” discharges while it is carried, or […]

Tuff Quick Strips: Reload Your Revolver

For years, Bianchi Speed Strips have been an effective method of carrying an extra load of ammunition for your .38 or .357 revolver.  I have personally used and recommended the Speed Strips to a lot of people needing extra ammo when carrying concealed. However, for calibers other than .38/.357, shooters were out of luck.  That […]

Taurus Judge Public Defender

Taurus introduced the “Public Defender” revolver, another in the line of the Judge revolvers, at the 2009 SHOT Show. Chambering the same .45 Colt and .410 shotshells as the other handguns in the Judge line, the Public Defender is built on a smaller frame (the 85 series frame), and is clearly designed for concealed carry.  […]

5.11 Casual Belt Review: Quality Gun Belt at Reasonable Price

Looking for a quality gun belt for concealed carry, but don’t want to spend a fortune?  5.11 may have just what you are looking for. Available in brown and black, the 5.11 Leather Casual Belt offers a sturdy platform to attach your holster to, while keeping a casual or dress-down appearance.  The 5.11 belt has […]

Ruger LCP Ammo

Need some Ruger LCP ammo?  According to Michael Bane’s blog, a major ammunition manufacturer will bring a new .380 loading to the market that is specifically designed for the Ruger LCP. This is exciting, as two current problems exist with the current crop of ammunition and the LCP. The first problem is the .380 ACP […]

Negligent Discharge by Pilot on US Airways Flight

Negligent discharges (ND) are not only dangerous to people who are around when the bullet exits the muzzle, but they are also dangerous to all gun owners. A single negligent discharge may run on the evening news or on the front page of the local paper, whereas the millions of people who safely handle firearms […]

The Dangers of Intervention: A Commentary by Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall is a retired Detroit PD police officer who spent 20 years going into harm’s way for total strangers. In his police service, Marshall worked on the street, as a homicide detective, and on the tactical unit. Outside of the law enforcement community, Marshall is known to most people as an author and firearms […]

Houston Man with CCW Permit Shoots Would-Be Carjacker in Self Defense

A Houston man shot and killed a criminal who had pointed a gun at him and tried to force him into a car. Fortunately, the victim had a CCW (carry concealed weapon) permit and was able to defend himself with his firearm. When the criminal tried to force the victim into the car at gun […]