Make Big Noise 2014

Make Big Noise 2014

I recently had the chance to attend the inaugural Make Big Noise firearms demonstration at the  G4S International Training facility in Shackleford, VA.  The event was organized by Laura Burgess Marketing.  Various writers from around the industry were invited to the facility and met with various manufacturer representatives.  There were classroom demonstrations and range time.

Tragic Circumstances in the Gun Community


After helping her 14-year-old daughter beat cancer back into remission, an Adams Arms employee’s wife discovers she has terminal cancer and a few short months left. Adams Arms is sponsoring a fundraiser to help their employee and his family take one last vacation together.  The raffle prizes are pretty spectacular, but secondary to being able to help […]

Remington Moving Corporate HQ to Nashville?

Remington logo

The big Remington news yesterday was the relocation announcement that will move a number of their manufacturing facilities to a consolidated plant in Huntsville, AL.  However, the one piece of news that may have been missed is the potential move of the company’s HQ from Madison, NC to Nashville, TN. According to an unverified, but […]

Help Needed

help needed

One of our own lost all of his worldly possessions in a house fire.  Matt DeVito is a firearms instructor and Second Amendment advocate.  He’s also a stand up guy. His family is in need of everything from clothes to school supplies to food.  Another of our community set up a fundraiser page for him […]

Beretta Moves South – Welcome Y’all!

Beretta logo

Beretta USA announced they will expand operations with a new manufacturing and R&D plant located in Gallatin, Tennessee. The new operation will be a $45 million investment that will include the addition of 300 employees. Beretta is moving fast, and expects to complete construction on the new facility this year. Gallatin is a commuter suburb […]

Beef Jerky Business Cards

beef jerky business cards

For the executive who has everything comes the ultimate in manly business cards:  laser etched beef jerky.  It may not be the coolest thing that Adadfruit Industries has come up with, but it is perhaps the manliest.

Obama Targets: An Idea Who’s Time Should Never Come

Obama Target

This is not a political website.  While I happen to think the golfer-in-chief is just about the worst person possible to hold the office, I didn’t much care for the prior three office holders either.  But, I would not want to see violence befall President Obama or any other elected official.  That’s just one of […]

Ambassador for 5.11 Tactical Training Alliance

Nikki Turpeaux

Nikki Turpeaux, lead instructor and CEO of Archangel Tactical, recently joined 5.11 as the company’s ambassador for the Tactical Training Alliance Program.

Help Need for a Pro Gun Project

Kenn Blanchard

Pro-gun activist Kenn Blanchard has a Kickstarter project up for a new video program called the American Gun Owner Show.  This will be a fantastic new video series, and Kenn has a lot of experience both in media and in the pro-gun community. Here’s the deal…as of this writing there is less than 42 hours […]

Why So Many Guns – Long Guns

woman hunting ar15

Ed. note:  This is the final part of a three part series called Why So Many Guns? This installment covers long guns such as rifles and shotguns.  Part 1 is here and part 2 is here. THE VENERABLE SHOTGUNS Having begun archery hunting 3 years ago, I have really come to appreciate the skill, difficulty, […]

Why So Many Guns – Handguns

father daughter pistol

Ed. note:  This is part two of a three part series called “Why so many guns?”  Click here to read part one of this series. PISTOL OR REVOLVER? Another consideration in handguns is that between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.  Revolvers have been around since before the Civil War, but semi-auto handguns are only about 100 […]

Why So Many Guns?

Why So Many Guns

The first time I shot a gun was when I was about 5 years old!  My family was visiting a friend in Alabama, and dad took his shotgun with plans to do some squirrel and bird hunting while there.  I was so enamored with the guns that my dad finally relented and helped me shoot […]

At the Doctor’s Office Again…

…may be a little slow on the posting.