Plano Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunks

Plano recently announced a new line of storage trunks in collaboration with the Bone Collector hunting series.  Named the Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunks these new containers are designed to provide ample storage and prevent clothing from becoming contaminated by other scents.

Winchester Varmint X Ammunition: Coyotes Beware

With a focus on accuracy, Winchester Ammunition announced the introduction of the new Varmint X cartridge line.  The new ammo will be offered in four different calibers for a total of five loads.  See below for the exact details on each load. The number of varmint hunters has rapidly increased in the recent past.  According […]

Winchester Razorback XT Ammo

Rolling out in 2012 is the Winchester Razorback XT line of ammunition designed for hog hunting.  Initially, the Razorback XT will be loaded in .223 and .308.  The .223 will use a 64 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3020 fps.  The .308 load will use a 150 grain bullet with a velocity of 2810 fps. […]

Field & Stream hydroProof ULTRA Review and Field Test

Fall is upon us and the deer are rapidly approaching the peak of the rutting season. The Rocky mountains and the northeastern states have already experienced their first heavy snows of the year, and other areas are experiencing the cold rain that comes as the weather patterns change from the heat of summer to the […]

Quick Sighting: A Fast Way to Sight in Your Rifle

So it’s early November and all over the country hunters are in the fields stalking that buck of a lifetime. The cool air has arrived, leaves are falling, and some areas of the country already have snow. Rifle season has already begun in some areas, and in others the opening of the rifle season is […]

Olympic Arms Gamestalker Chambered in .300 OSSM

Olympic Arms had their new Gamestalker rifle on display at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The Gamestalker is an AR-platform rifle chambered in .243 WSSM, .25 WSSM and the brand new .300 OSSM (scroll down for more information on the cartridge.) The Gamestalker features a 22″ barrel, free floating aluminum handguard, ACE skeleton stock and an […]

Remington RF-05 Hunting Boots

Need a pair of hunting boots?  Take a look at this review of the Remington RF-05 hunting boots.  These Remington boots are an all-purpose 8″ leather hunting boot. The RF-05 has a Max-Dri waterproof liner, making these boots a good choice in all weather conditions. Radians, who manufactures these boots under license, sent me a […]

New Ammo from Winchester

As 2009 begins to close, Winchester Ammunition announced a wide range of new loads for 2010.  These new loads will be shown at the SHOT Show in January, and will be released to the public shortly thereafter.  We will be at the show and will bring you additional information as we can from the good […]

Hornady Dangerous Game Series Ammunition

One of the things Hornady is known for is the manufacture of its Dangerous Game Series ammunition: serious cartridges for hunting the largest game on Earth.  These cartridges are loaded for the traditional big guns used to hunt elephant, hippopotamus and other large African game. Expanding the line in 2009, Hornady has added four new […]